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How to make sure your event staging company has what it takes

7 Key Questions to Ask an Event Production Company

7 Key Questions to Ask an Event Production Company
24 September, 2018

Event production companies offer total event solutions. This is the point of difference compared to standard equipment and audio-visual hire companies.

Event production companies see through the entire event planning, design and delivery. Their teams should be made up of passionate and dedicated experts who have a broad range of experience in executing world-class events. While individuals will have their area of expertise, they will understand all aspects of event design, management, digital, creative, and technical.

Cost structures and venue availability aside, here are some additional questions to ask your event staging company.

1. Request customer testimonies and ask to see recent case studies.

The grandiose events will often be featured on a company website. There is always more to the portfolio, so ask to see more of what they’ve worked on. When you see something you like, ask how it was carried out and the techniques used. Talking through case studies helps you better understand the event staging company’s capabilities – and gives you inspiration for your event. Client testimonials are insights into the customer experience first-hand. Ask to see a list of some of their repeat clients too.

2. Request staff bios, particularly Technical Directors and Project Managers.

It’s useful to know the industry experience of the staff who will be coordinating your event staging and operating the equipment. Especially that of the Technical Directors and Project Managers: the key people for ensuring a seamless, interactive and memorable event. They ensure the client brief and budget are met, as well as manage any potential risks involved. Staff should have an established history in event, show, craft, and stage management. They should also be able to demonstrate outstanding relationships with their suppliers and venues.

3. What systems do technicians use to test equipment and cables before an event?

All equipment should be regularly tested even if it has been used for a recent event. Technicians need to thoroughly prepare a checklist of the required equipment for the event so that nothing is forgotten. Rehearsals are conducted to ensure everything is production perfect for the event. On the day, the team should factor in extra time to set up, run equipment checks, and for a final rehearsal.

dj participates in event staging set up

4. What are the latest digital and technological innovations?

Digital and technological tools are used to engage, inform, connect and enrich the audience experience. Technology also problem solves, enhances quality, and improves communication. Established event production companies will always be on the lookout for new ways of doing this. Are they investing in the latest audio-visual, data networking, and production techniques – as well as ensuring that their teams are equipped to operate and utilise them? They will also add value to your event by being innovative in their project management, communication, budgeting, ticketing and reporting.

5. What techniques do they have for engaging or increasing audience participation?

Audiences expect to be involved and actively participate in events, conferences, gala dinners and exhibitions. Holistic event planning means connecting with your attendees before, during, and post event. The essence of audience engagement is outstanding content creation. Ask your event manager about their digital techniques, live streaming, social media strategy, polling, Q&As, and event app creation.

6. How do they design and project manage an event?

Ideally, the planning incorporates a design-driven, top-down approach. The client objectives are always at the centre of any event staging. The event team will provide visual representations and reports on the event production processes. Milestones will be set and tracked, and your event manager will be in communication with you regularly. The technical production and creative designs can be illustrated with 2D and 3D walk-throughs, renders, and CAD plans.

7. Who is my point of contact for the event?

representative from event production company

The event manager or coordinator is your go-to person, for anything and everything to do with your event. While many hands are bringing the event production together, you should have a single point of contact who is in the loop regarding all the details of your event and is available to answer your questions along the way.

Event debrief

The team should follow up with you post-event, to ensure that you are happy with your event outcome. It’s a chance to discuss any issues and areas for improvement for the next event.

At Microhire, we provide expert and comprehensive event staging services. Whatever you want to achieve with your event, we can help you do it. For advice on your next event, talk to us on 1300 667 095.

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