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Social Media Events

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Social Media Events

Social media is one of the most powerful tools an event manager can use.  As well as allowing for information to be easily shared prior to your event for promotional purposes, social media can also be used during and after your event in order to better connect with your audience and increase engagement.

If you’re looking to work with a social media event specialist to implement a professional social media event solution, turn to the experts at Microhire.Tailored social media solutions to help increase your reach

  • Capture your audiences experience through their Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts and display them throughout your event.
  • Extend your conversation outside of your event.  Share your guests favourite moments to a global audience.
  • Services include live twitter feed and social media walls.
  • Moderation and closed social media available keeping your event private.
Our Social Media Solutions

When you partner with Microhire for an event social media plan Strategy, you’ll learn how you can best utilise social media to amplify your event. We offer comprehensive social media event design services that are carefully tailored to maximise the benefits of social media engagement in a live event environment. This includes designing an event social media plan that focuses on raising event awareness while encouraging attendees to engage with your event and share posts on social media. Your social media event specialist will also help you implement solutions that allow you to connect with your audience so that they can champion your brand online.

Our social media events services include:

  • Increases audience participation
  • Your event in a single thread
  • Sponsorship opportunities through branding, both images and video
  • Use competitions to engage and better understand your audience
  • Widget configuration and control
  • Real-time social media content collection
  • Social media event promotion
  • Management of each campaign item
  • Filtering, spam and profanity control
  • Detailed campaign analysis and reporting including most popular posts
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Social media integration is now an expectation.  Make sure your next event is more sociable.

If you’d like to find out how Microhire can improve your audience engagement with a professional social media event solution, call our team now on 1300 667 095.

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