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​How much does event set up cost?

​How much does event set up cost?
10 June, 2019

​Everything you need to consider before planning an event

Ever wondered how much an event set up costs? Well, there’s no straight answer. By nature, events are large, sprawling occasions, often with many planning considerations and stages, both physical and conceptual. Every event will be different, with its own requirements and costs.

Key considerations

Before you plan an event, it’s important to outline what you want to achieve, and all the different event services involved to help you achieve your objectives. Here are some key things to consider before you approach an event company for accurate event set up costs:

  • Purpose or objectives — This is important to define, and will impact the way you design and plan your event.
  • Numbers — Size is important.  Intimate or lavish.  How many people do you expect to attend your event will impact on your costs.
  • Duration — The longer the event, the more it will cost. However, annual events can save money by using the same infrastructure over and over.
  • Customisation — Events need a special touch, and you need bang for your buck.  Tailoring and designing an event specifically to achieve your event objectives doesn’t have to be expensive.

Another consideration when planning an event is lead time. Great things can be achieve in small time frames.  Time can be important if you are trying to sell tickets but if you have an eager audience then you can save money but having a shorter lead time.


The first step in understanding your event costs is deciding what suppliers you need and what for. Scoping out the works required when preparing a budget is important. This is were a total event staging supplier like Microhire can offer you one point of contact for all your event staging needs making it simpler for you to work with a budget.

A lot of effort goes into planning & designing an event, so outsourcing components can be a great way to save yourself some time and enable you to focus on your guests or hey even you normal job. To start planning your event, get in touch with Microhire. Our team can give you accurate advice, from event set up costs, concept development and give you an understanding of what will work best for your event.

Understanding Objectives

The first question we ask our clients is ‘what are your event objectives?’. Understanding these is integral when it comes to conceptualizing and designing an event. We have trademarked this methodology SHOWINtellect and we use this process when designing a solution deciding event   costs.

It is often not recognised that live events are a face to face practice of marketing, that has many advantages over traditional marketing methods.  The ability to ‘say it live’ to a captive audience provides you with the perfect environment to achieve your marketing objectives. There are many types of events like activation’s, awards dinners, product launches, promotions and each has its own unique configuration.   Microhire specialises in how to maximise these opportunities in a live event environment and how to measure the result or ROI on your event.

There are no 2nd chances when saying it live. That’s why detailed event scoping and planning is such a fundamental part of the process. Once we have established the above we then use our SHOWINtellect methodology to desing a solution to achieve your brief.

Show                      – a spectacle or display, typically an impressive one.

Intellect                 – minds collectively

Outlining an effective strategy using a proven process is an important step in understanding the cost of event set up. Conceptualizing and planning is integral and will play a big role in how successful your event is, learn more about our process here.

Budgeting and billing

budgeting for event set up costs

There’s no magic formula for deciding event set up costs. You probably already have some sort of budget in mind for your vision. Whether you want to increase fundraising or profit, we know how important it is to stick to the parameters you set.

In the end your budget is a shared responsibility that you need support in achieving. This will lead to increased trust and intuitiveness, ensuring that future events are as seamless as possible.

  1. We work towards you budget by designing an event that is affordable.
  2. Costs for skills, resources, technology, show craft and equipment costs and available options.
  3. Then we need to to find a happy medium between the costs and your vision.
  4. Once we have found what works for you we can execute your event and achieve your objectives.

Contact Microhire

Events are only as good as their prior planning. Accurate event set up costs come from meticulous planning, and a whole lot of hard work. As one of Australia’s premier event companies, Microhire can manage your event from start to finish, allowing you to enjoy the experience.

To start planning you next event, get in touch with Microhire.

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