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How to customise your event with LED walls

How to customise your event with LED walls
17 April, 2019

LED video walls are a great tool for events.

With so many ways to display your branding, messaging, or content, LED walls are fast becoming the popular choice for vision technology at corporate events and activation’s across Australia. LED wall displays can comprise of one or multiple LED screens. These screens are used to display content at indoor and outdoor events.

LED walls enable your brand to take centre stage. Your company’s branding and products will get the attention they deserve on the big screen. LED walls can also be combined with the latest audio, lighting, and staging technology to really make your event stand out.

LED walls are one of the latest tools used by companies to engage audiences and get their message across. So don’t be surprised if you see large LED walls as a key feature at the next activation, exhibition, public or corporate event.

We’re Australia’s only corporate event staging company that offer both indoor and outdoor LED walls. Spread your message with a stunning LED wall display. Contact Microhire to find out how.

How LED wall technology has evolved

Exciting advances in technology have created new possibilities for LED video wall displays. LED screens are now designed to be waterproof, dust and grime resistant. So your event’s LED walls can be on display outside and still be resilient enough to handle weather conditions like rain.

There are also outdoor LED screens bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight. So there’s no need to worry about image quality when you’re setting up an LED video wall for outdoor use.

Another exciting development for LED screens is the introduction of convex and concave models. The curved nature of LED screens provides a sense of visual depth you can’t achieve with flat screens. Curved LED screens also provide you with flexible options for creating various display shapes and configurations.

What can LED walls be used for?

With live streaming and audience participation technology, it’s never been easier to make LED walls part of an interactive experience. Here are three examples:

  1. Display live audience polling. It’s a great tool for game shows or even trivia nights where you need to display a live feed of results.
  2. Social media walls for streaming social posts in real time. A social media wall is an easy way to get your guests engaging with your brand and leave a lasting impression on your social media channels with numerous posts, likes, and shares.
  3. Digital signage. Brand logos can be presented with eye-catching visuals that dynamically change. A digital signage display can become a marquee feature of your event.

How can LED walls be assembled?

One of the unique advantages of using LED screens is their lack of a bezel. With no bezels present, it makes it easier to connect multiple LED screens while achieving a seamless and crystal clear image.

The ease with which you can build up LED screens and connect them enables you to achieve a wide range of shapes and formations. For a live stage show, you could have LED walls stacked on totem panels.

LED screens can also be used to create a digital stage set for a conference, as entrance features or digital wallpapers.

LED video wall

How to get the latest LED wall displays for your event

If you’re looking to get LED walls installed for your event, be prepared to answer some vital questions from your event staging supplier.

Confirming the format of your content will help your supplier understand your LED video wall requirements. Let your supplier know the size of your event space, and they can recommend a suitable resolution, screen, and pixel size.

At Microhire, we offer a complete range of event technology services for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, and so much more. We can install a wide range of LED wall displays to get your brand noticed.

Our recent purchase of 5mm outdoor LED walls makes us the only company in Australia that can install both indoor and outdoor LED walls. So if you want a unique, immersive, and eye-catching visual display for your next event, get in touch with Microhire.

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