Q&A Audience Polling Event Specialist

Q&A Audience Polling Event Specialist

RespondIT Audience Q&A and Polling

Microhire can help you maximise audience engagement with live audience polling and Audience Q&A for your next event. With our RespondIT real time audience polling solutions, your presenters will be able to ask the audience questions and have their responses appear on-screen immediately.

RespondIT provides an unparalleled level of guest participation at events. This will establish your brand as a leader in its field and allow you to gather valuable information about your audience and their opinions.

  • Providing solutions that help to maximise your engagement with live audiences
  • See what questions your audience have
  • Get answers to your questions and polls live on-screen instantly
  • Audiences can ask questions or vote from anywhere there is access to a computer and the internet
  • Available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
Why Choose RespondIT to Improve Audience Participation?

Our real time audience polling system is simple to implement and easy to use. RespondIT uses the technology that your audience already owns, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) so there’s no need for costly hardware.

The features of RespondIT include:

  • Interactive – Achieve the highest level of audience participation and interaction with your event.
  • Versatile – Questions can be asked pre, during or post-event and can be implemented in multiple rooms or even internationally with webcasting.
  • Questions can be asked from anywhere globally in real time
  • Instant results can be shown live on screen
  • Data-driven – Detailed analytics are fed directly into Excel.

When you partner with Microhire for Q&A events, you’ll benefit from working a dedicated audience engagement expert who will work closely with you to achieve your particular engagement goal. You can trust that we have the necessary experience and expertise to help take your event to the next level.

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