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Using rigging in an event space enables you to have greater flexibility when designing your event and can be used theatrically to enhance the effectiveness of lighting, audio, vision, staging and creative components.

Rigging equipment from free standing truss or in the ceiling of a function space ensures clear sight lines of the stage and onscreen content and improves the look of an event. A clutter free environment that focuses your audiences on what you want them to notice.

Unsightly equipment and cables are removed creating:

  • A safer environment
  • More space means more guests can attend
  • Increased space for event themeing and branding.
Safe Rigging Installed by Experienced Riggers and AV Technicians.

Safety is paramount when rigging elements above an audience.

Rigging is high-risk-work and must only be installed by qualified and experienced persons who hold the relevant licence and understand OH&S and can ensure compliance as per state based legislation.

Our experienced and knowledgeable sales and technical teams ensure only qualified riggers and technicians design and install rigging tailored for your event type and space.

We can supply rigging solutions and equipment:

  • Circular truss
  • Box truss
  • Tri truss
  • Truss arches
  • Truss rings
  • Chain motors, blocks & spansets
  • Kinesis motors
  • Scaff clamps
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