Event Lighting

Event Lighting

Bright Solutions for Every Occasion.

Be Seen. In the Perfect Light.
  • Sophisticated and dynamic lighting for every event type.
  • Custom design including animated 3D walk throughs, showcraft techniques, effects, branding.
  • Lighting for every event type, sets, theming and styling.
  • Lighting production, design and hire services available.

At Microhire, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader when it comes to event lighting design, providing the latest technology and innovation.

We don’t just supply lighting equipment to our clients – we design customised event lighting that creates impact, emotion and captives your audience.

We understand how to best use lighting in a live event environment. Lighting is the key to how an event looks from the moment your guests arrive, during the presentations and entertainment through to completion of the event. Each stage should have its own unique ‘show’ designed to transform your event using impact and effect.

Lighting is also a powerful live event branding tool with clever use of colours, gobos of company logos or key messages and when used to elevate and enrich stage sets, event theming and styling.

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Fiji our event lighting consultants will work closely with you to determine your needs and formulate a solution that combines the latest event lighting solutions with expert lighting production.

Perfect Range Of Lights To Create The Perfect Event

Our lighting designs create memorable audience experiences and put your product or service in the spotlight.

Recently studies have been completed to understand how the brain stores memories for emotionally neutral events that gain significance through subsequent experience.

To achieve this we combine the latest design techniques with showcraft and cutting edge technology to create atmosphere using colour, movement and patterns to transform spaces, create dramatic impact and build atmosphere.

Our inventory includes the latest programmable intelligent lighting, LED lighting, theatrical lights, stage and spot lighting, control desks, and design software.

We also have basic lighting perfect for lighting a presenter and stage or product.

Technical Expertise

Experience is critical, and we take great pride in being one of the most prestigious corporate event lighting companies in Australia.

We understand that unique events require tailored event lighting designs.  To create a great lighting show you need an of not only lighting technology and the latest consoles but an understanding of showcraft.

Our ethos is ‘it’s not just the technology but how you use it’.  This foundation is what makes a successful event using the latest technology.

We have extensive know-how in transforming spaces using lighting to enhance your function space, stage, theme and brand.

We have experience in designing lighting for every event type including a gala dinners, special events, product launches, exhibitions, fashion events and corporate partys.

We are always striving to push the boundaries of creativity. Our imaginative and accomplished team draw on years of experience from a variety of events and spaces.

Bright Solutions for Any Occasion

Our event lighting designers have experience in designing impact lighting any event type including product launches, gala dinners and awards nights, conferences, exhibition stands, activations and  promotional events. You can trust our lighting experts to achieve outstanding results that take all of your event’s specific requirements into consideration, including:

  • Event type
  • Event moments and climatic impact
  • Venue/room layout
  • Ceiling height
  • Stage size
  • Entertainment & performance type
  • Rigging options
Why Choose Microhire

With 30 years of experience in the events industry, Microhire can be relied on to provide the highest standard of lighting equipment, techniques and design services. We aim to share our creative thinking, design and innovation with clients in order to deliver exceptional outcomes for everything from meetings, conferences and award nights through to trade shows, product launches and exhibitions.

With an extensive knowledge of stage lighting techniques and showcraft combined with a massive inventory of event lighting equipment, there’s no better choice than Microhire when you need an event lighting specialist.

Put your next event in the spotlight!
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Offering fast and efficient services for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast events, look no further than Microhire for a customised event lighting concept that’s perfect for your event. Contact Microhire today on 1300 667 095 to learn more about our event lighting hire services or find out how our event lighting consultants can add value to your next event.

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