LED Walls

LED Walls

Display technology for every environment.

LED Walls
  • Highly flexible and modular video walls that can be designed for any environment
  • Suitable for almost any event type
  • The perfect technology for activations and promotions
  • Can be designed as digital banners, huge signage displays indoor our outdoor, stage backdrops or sets, social media walls
  • Available for events in NSW, Victoria, Queensland & Fiji

Microhire’s recent purchase of 5mm outdoor LED walls makes it the only corporate event staging company in Australia that can offer both indoor and outdoor LED technology walls to our customers. Another first for Microhire.

Activations, exhibitions, public events and corporate events are held anywhere and companies are looking for the latest vision technology to get their message across and better engage their target markets and audiences.

The good news is now there is LED technology that is suitable for every event environment. And this means greater opportunity.

LED screens are now ideal for exhibition stands and Microhire has recently used this technology for digital banners and signage, stage sets, social media walls, digital wall paper, messaging and branding, basically any environment where you want to ‘show and tell’ to an audience.

Available in customisable sizes and expandable configurations, these video walls are perfect over long viewing distances and in high ambient light settings. When bright quality visuals are central to your event’s experience, an LED wall display will provide a great result.

The Advantages of LED Screens

One of the key advantages of this new 3mm LED technology is that it can be used in smaller intimate environments due to the resolution and the fact that it is seamless (no bezel between panels) – in layman’s terms the clarity and quality of the images is superior to other technology available.

The obvious advantage is LED displays are the only vision product available that can be installed outdoor. The product (screen) is waterproof and dust and grime resistant, is bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight. It also provides real flexibility with size, design and shape.Some LED displays can be can even be curved including Microhires 5mm screen.

Another great feature is LED screens are seamless, there is no bezel between each panel, with an outer frame only and no border. All you see is bright clear images.

The modularity of the product makes it easy to use and install, which makes this technology the ideal solution for mobile and itinerant use.

Get Creative

LED screens can be designed in standard TV aspect ratio4x3, as totems panels stacked in a singular row on-top of each other, wide screen and with the latest switching technology have layers of content with live moving backgrounds behind messages and even picture in picture.

In addition to building a large video wall display, LED panels can as a digital stage set at a conference, or used to create a unique feature on a custom-built exhibition stand.

They can frame a stage as a digital proscenium arch and display sponsor and event branding in a number of configurable ways. Microhire’s uniquely designed LED panels can even be used to create curved or circular displays – both concave and convex.

Microhire’s creative and flexible video walls can transform your event into an immersive and unique visual experience for your entire audience

Complete Event Solutions

Microhire offers complete event technology services for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, roadshows and much more.
We can partner with you and combine an LED wall display with audio, lighting and staging services to ensure your next corporate event stands out.
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LED Wall - Reinforce your message with a live backdrop.
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