Electronic Speaker Presentation Service
Electronic Speaker Presentation Service
ESP: Electronic Speaker Presentation Service

Having an event that runs without interruptions or technical difficulties is essential to establishing your brand as a leader in its field. With electronic speaker presentation (ESP) from Microhire, you can ensure that the right message is delivered each and every time no matter who is presenting or what room they’re in.

When you partner with Microhire to implement an electronic speaker presentation system, you’ll be able to impress your presenters and audiences with high-quality, networked and seamless presentations. As an electronic speaker presentation specialist, we can help you with a quality management system presentation that lets you put on an event which will demonstrate that your event or brand is an industry leader.

  • Combining uninterrupted integration and unparalleled vision with a versatile electronic speaker presentation system
  • Expert speaker presentation services
  • Ensuring your event runs smoothly and seamlessly
The Benefits & Features of ESP

ESP is one of the most advanced speaker presentation management systems in the world.

The features of ESP include:

  • Versatile – ESP Will can generate holding slides for your presentations and can transfer late presentations to any room without interrupting the session that’s currently in progress.
  • Automated – An automated electronic speaker presentation system allows your presenters to walk into any room in your venue and access their pre-prepared content immediately in a fully automated process.
  • Compatible – Our ESP software works with Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF across both Windows and Mac platforms.
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