Event Audio

Event Audio

Amplify Your Event with the Perfect Sound.

Make Sure Your Message is Heard. Loud and Clear.
  • Industry leading audio equipment and technology
  • Expert audio engineers set up and optimise your system
  • Custom audio design to suit your event and venue
  • Event audio and video recording

Microhire will design a customised to your exact event and venue requirements. Clear audio is crucial for live events. We are proud to be the industry leader in audio equipment for live corporate events.

Our team of audio engineers will design a professional audio system and ensure your event sounds perfect. Different venues, audience size, entertainment all need specific audio technology.

Whether your event is a corporate function, conference, exhibition, concert, we can make sure your audience hears you loud and clear.
And with locations across Australia and Fiji, we can help you wherever you’re holding an event.

Audio that Arouses Emotion and Creates Impact

If your audience can’t hear you clearly, they wont understand your communication. Audio is an exact science that requires experienced and specialist technicians. Our audio team will ensure every moment of your event sounds crystal clear so that you can get your message across.

We will also consult with you on how to use audio to create impact and emotion using showcraft. Our team of audio specialist will ask you a series of questions so we understand exactly what you need before we start designing your system.

We will customise your system to suit your event type, venue size, playback sources, panels, audience Q&A, and whatever else your needs are.

We then identify your audience’s emotions during your event and how we can we can create impact and emotion using showcraft. Design a show that arouses their emotions when we want for example when they arrive, during awards or when they leave.

We achieve this by creating a graph that tracks audience emotions during your event. Then we add a value to each show craft technique.

See Us in Action

At Microhire, we are the industry leaders in events technology and design. Our team has designed the sound and visions for many large-scale events and functions.

We’ve successfully partnered with a range of clients for their events, including:

Why Choose Microhire
  • The largest Australian owned corporate audio visual company.
  • Over 30 years of experience providing exceptional technical solutions.
  • The latest audio visual equipment and technology wholly-owned and operated by Microhire.
  • An expert team of 200+ ready to design your unique event.
Ideal Sound Design Requires an Expert Approach

Our team includes experienced show consultants, technical directors, and audio operators.

We use the highest quality equipment available in the industry to meet the challenges of your event and venue.

In some cases, the venue is not designed for live event sound reinforcement, so we need to overcome reflective surfaces, ambient noise, and lack of audio cushioning.

Our audio experts can design the perfect audio systems for any event type.

We harness the power of sound to move you.​
We Can Make Your Event Sound Great

Talk to us about your event and we can get the best possible sound designed, bespoke for you.

Our Testimonials

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