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Three ways to use event design to enhance your gala dinner

Three ways to use event design to enhance your gala dinner
20 December, 2018

Steal everyone’s attention with event staging for galas

Planning a successful gala dinner requires a lot of care and consideration. The driving goal of a gala event is to raise awareness of a brand, organisation or cause. If your gala dinner is a success, you will inspire donations, participation and awareness.

Gala dinners can also recognise and reward industry leaders and innovators as well as top-performing employees and people that share the same passion. The standard dress for gala dinners is black-tie, and the program may include entertainment, dancing, raffles, and silent and live auctions.

One of the best ways to ensure your gala dinner makes an impact is to work with professional event specialists on the staging and design. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative and technical possibilities – from show-stopping multimedia production for award presentations to spectacular digital stage sets, gala event design can elevate your dinner from average to extraordinary.

Here are three ways to ensure your next gala dinner is memorable and engaging.

At Microhire, we can help you conceptualise, plan, and produce an event that blows people’s socks off. Contact us today on 1300 667 095 to find out more.

1. Develop your theme

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All gala dinners have one thing in common – they’re bringing people together for a particular purpose. Evoke the look and feel of your brand, organisation or cause with a dedicated theme.

For example, if your gala dinner is a high-level corporate gala event, consider having a black-and-white theme to create a formal atmosphere that feels very classy. Or, if your event involves launching a new product or service that will innovate the market, choose a futuristic theme that gives insight into how far ahead of the curve your company is.

Island getaway themes can work a treat for gala dinners where guests can win or bid for exotic holidays, and earthy or eco-friendly details can complement charitable events.

2. Decide on entertainment

Providing a sumptuous three-course dinner isn’t enough – a successful gala dinner should include appropriate and on-brand entertainment and activities. Whether the entertainment is live music, a stage show or a guest speaker, it’s a great way to raise funds and give guests something to talk about.

If you’re on a tight budget, entertainment can be provided through visual production. Video is a potent and emotional tool that can be used to create a powerful impact during a live event. We’ve seen audiences cry, laugh, applaud, yell and scream due to an impactful and powerful video. A closing video containing social highlights is a great way to finish a gala event and leave guests on a high.

Having one or more forms of entertainment will help you maintain the energy of your gala dinner and engage guests consistently throughout the night. A dance floor is a great and cost-effective option that almost always goes down a treat.

3. Get the right AV technical support

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To present your organisation and cause in a professional light or host a next-level awards ceremony, work with a professional events specialist to ensure you have all the technical support and AV services you need on the night.

In today’s world, audio visual technology is a massive part of any gala event. Screens, projectors, sound production and atmospheric lighting are crucial and can build an unforgettable experience for guests.

Consider the use of branded graphic presentation slides, digital signage and banners, social media live streams and captivating multimedia and video production at your gala dinner. All of these AV components can be used to generate emotion and showcase your sponsors and partnership information.

Microhire have provided event design and creative production for a diverse range of customers including Cricket Victoria and The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). As Australia’s leading audio visual and staging specialists, we can assist with everything from AV production to conceptualising your theme, entertainment, venue, catering, invitations, staging and lighting.

We can help you nail down all the logistics

Planning an event is tough, and a gala dinner is no exception. We can help you run the type of event that not only engages guests but leaves them excited and unable to stop talking about it. Successful event staging is your ultimate trump card when it comes to engaging your gala dinner guests, so let us give you a helping hand planning the perfect gala.

We can handle all your production and entertainment requirements, and even help you with diagramming, check-in and venue sourcing. Whether you’re planning a small conference or large scale gala dinner, we have the technology and expertise to give your event the ‘wow’ factor.

Interested to find out how Microhire can help you deliver an exceptional event? Speak with an event specialist today by calling 1300 667 095 or send us an online enquiry.

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