Award Nights & Gala Dinners

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Award Night & Gala Dinner Staging

  • Combining design, technology, creative and showcraft to create memorable gala events.
  • Multi-media and video production.
  • Captivating stage sets, breath taking room themeing and styling.

There are hundreds of elements combined that makeup an extraordinary live event, and they all require a unique touch. At Microhire, we understand that great awards nights and gala dinners are composed of many different elements working in harmony to create a seamless and mesmerizing guest experience. The astute combining of technology, showcraft, multi-media and styling and themeing, we will bring your event to life.

How many PowerPoint presentations have you sat through at a gala dinner or awards night? With our help, you can elevate your event so it’s remembered for years to come. Exceptional results come from exceptional people, and we have those. We know that experience and knowledge are vital ingredients when it comes to conceptualising, developing and delivering a special event. We can ks to our specialist skills, integrated with technical precision and combined with the latest innovative technology, Microhire is the perfect partner when you need help staging awards nights or gala dinners.

The Difference Is In the Detail

At Microhire, we believe that no two awards nights or gala dinners are the same, with each event requiring a different approach. That’s why we tailor our gala dinner and awards night event services to suit your event, whether you need a unique gala dinner stage set or a creative director to ensure every detail is perfect.

Below are just some of the considerations we take into account:

  • Your objectives
  • Audiences emotions during  the evening
  •  How we can create impact and illicit emotion
  • The venue design, seating arrangements, VIP’s
  • The industry demographic
  • The events brand
  • The awards ceremony
  • Sponsors and key stakeholder recognition
  • The theme

Take Advantage of Our Advanced Event Technologies

Without an experienced event partner to assist with awards night or gala dinner event staging, you increase the risk of all the elements of your event not working together seamlessly – or worse, one of these critical elements being overlooked in the planning process.The result? Objectives and outcomes not achieved on the night, poor audience impressions, budget blowouts, and perhaps even bad press.

Microhire has a proven track record in providing technical and design services for some of Australia’s most recognised awards nights and gala dinners.

We can assist you with:

  • Event creative and stage design
  • Technical production management & technical direction
  • Widescreen and edge-blend technology
  • Multimedia production of awards presentations & videos
  • Lighting design and conceptualisation
  • Draping and rigging

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