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Why you need an event staging company for your next event
Why you need an event staging company for your next event
1 September, 2016

Event staging companies have evolved and now offer a greater range of services than ever before.

Event design, digital tools, the use of creative, video and multi-media production, technical production and supply essentially event staging companies now provide all the expertise and specialist knowledge you require for any event type.

Unlike an event staging company, an audio visual or hire company doesn’t supply a total solution. Simply they don’t offer a point of difference that can make your event remarkable. They design a meeting or event from the ground up e.g. what size screen do you require, what is your audience size etc. Not from the top down using your event objectives as the key driver in your brief.

As a result, you the paying customer is not getting access to the latest expertise, systems and technology.

Experience plays a vital role when designing an event. You have identified your event objectives and now you need a specialist company that will assist you in developing a concept that will bring your event to life.

Available now are new tools and methods that an event manager can use for enhanced audience engagement and participation pre, during and post an event. This is why an event staging company is such a vital cog when designing your event. Access to the latest and most advanced tools and cutting edge technology that will contribute so much to your event and the audience experience.

When combined with specialist skills like creative design, technical production, 2&3D walk throughs, renders, CAD plans, equipment supply, specialist stage managers and show callers, skilled operators and set-up and pack-down technicians an event staging company has the resources to deliver a seamless and world class event.

Supplying a ‘total solution’ means having effective systems that support these services, industry best practice processes that are aligned, efficient and effective. Systems that are tried and tested from been successfully used for thousands of events.

And the best part is? An event staging company can provide all this ensuring you have access to all your event needs.

The benefits an event staging company can provide for a customer are many including:

  • One point of contact for all your event staging needs
  • All your event staging essentials under one roof
  • Cutting edge devices designed for audience participation and global communication
  • Access to the latest innovative technology & digital services
  • The latest show craft and production techniques
  • Passionate & experienced event experts that work together every day designing and executing seamless world class events
  • Tried and tested systems

For a total event solution and one point of contact for your event staging needs Microhire.

Find out more about how Microhire could make your next event unique, engaging and memorable.

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