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Why experience is critical when designing an event
Why experience is critical when designing an event
1 September, 2016

Over the past 30 year’s technology alone has been the driving force behind some of the most dramatic changes in the events industry. With the projection for event technology to get smarter and more advanced, so too will the techniques used for designing and delivering events.

Creating something that will be memorable to the audience, something they will feel was worth attending, requires a specific skill set, experience and importantly, show craft know how.

Sales, product training, awareness, media coverage, or reaching key industry influencers? Knowing your direction will help you to focus on what type of event you’ll have. Involving an experienced event staging company like Microhire early in your event planning process, will see you get the best use, of the latest technology, creative tools and show craft, to create a unique, memorable experience for your audience, one that appeals with them.

What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done

Know your direction

Live events are the perfect platform for face-to-face communication. A live event fosters business-to-business opportunities, connecting you to the people you need to connect with.

Have you ever been to an event that didn’t inspire or motivate you? Did you find the content and information valuable? How often are you left feeling unsatisfied and that you have wasted your time? Well-designed live events can influence and motivate people, create memorable experiences, that reinforce and enhance your organisation, brand, product and its value.

With your event objectives in place, Microhire works with you, operating as part of your event team, providing you design concepts and ideas, through combining the latest innovative technology with technical production, show craft, creative treatment, video production and show content, to see your event successfully delivered and your event objectives realised.

Set your budget

What expectation does your organisation anticipate from your events program? Is it considered a valuable tool for promoting a new product, increasing your brand exposure and market awareness, or to increase sales? An event to recognise, reward, celebrate and inspire?

Events are a large commercial investment that should deliver measurable results and accomplish a set of defined objectives and goals. It is often preferable to understand your budget. With 30 years of industry experience Microhire will work with you from concept to delivery, using tried and true methods, to produce a memorable event, within your budget parameters.

In cases where an event budget was previously determined, Microhire will provide guidance on how to best allocate this budget to achieve your events objectives.

Get inspired

With your objectives and budget in place, it’s time to get creative. Brainstorming is the best way to get ideas flowing. When brainstorming, some questions we tend to ask that help us uncover and understand your objectives are:

  • What do you want your guests to say about your company or product?
  • What sensation do you want your guest to experience?
  • What impression do you want to give them?

Event Design

An experienced event staging company like Microhire will design your event around your event objectives – what you want your audience to think, feel and do as a direct result of your event.

Brand alignment – KNOW

Whichever way you look at it there is no substitute for communicating in a live environment. The event you are responsible for should have its own statement and style. Ultimately it should and will be an extension of your brand, your organisation and your product.

Microhire offer many ways to create a brand statement through using innovative technology, corporate stage sets, multi-media & video production, lighting design, audio effects and digital tools. Combined with the use of show craft and theatrical techniques this results in an extremely powerful environment that enables you to influence your audience’s thinking. We take care of everything from the smallest details such as the water beads on a centrepiece through to a real-time, multi-display network, capable of infinite number of PIPs and camera feeds.

Brand or Product Emotion – What do you want your audience to FEEL?

How do you want your audience to feel? Rewarded, recognised, that they must have what you have? How do you leave an impression, create an experience? How you want your guest to feel is as essential, as much as it is a central part, of any event design.

Microhire help you understand and manage audience emotion from the very first connection.

What do you want your audience to DO?

It’s not easy to motivate an audience to do something. Once you have established what you want your audience to do, we can then establish how we can get them to do it.

Your audience can’t read your mind. They need to be encouraged, we need to tell them exactly what to do, if we want them to take the ‘next step’. The most effective ‘next step’ messages give a single clear, very clear, very short action to take.

A call to action directs your guests to take a single, simple, obvious action. Visit a website. Enter an email address. Call a number. Click a button. Tell a friend. If you think you are being too obvious, you’re doing it right.

What is your ‘event call to action?’ What do you want people to do?

A call to action directs your prospects to take a single, simple, obvious action.

As your event staging specialist, Microhire is your experienced, innovative, trusted event partner. We will work with you designing your event, using the latest design and show craft techniques based on achieving your event objectives.

One contact, for all services, supplied under the one roof, with no mark-ups, ‘a melting pot’ of ideas.

Speak with Microhire about your next event today. Contact us online or call 1300 667 095

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