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Using LED Walls at Exhibitions and Conferences
Using LED Walls at Exhibitions and Conferences
Working with Exhibition Organisers to Deliver Unique Branding Solutions
23 September, 2015

LED Walls – Big, Bright and Bold

Big events need to make a big impact. Exhibitions, conferences and arena environments should be designed so that the audience’s attention is directed to key messages, information and branding. However, at large events with thousands of attendees, this is no small task.

Introducing, LED walls: an essential technology and display medium for big events. LED walls are large programmable displays that, thanks to their modular nature, are a highly dynamic and flexible visual solution.

At Microhire, our LED walls are leading the pack for quality and visual adaptability. We have recently worked with Diversified Communications on the Security Expo, the leading trade event in security solutions in Melbourne, to develop prominent branding for their partner, Samsung, using an LED wall.

Find out more about Mircohire’s LED Walls here.

The basics of LED Walls

LED walls are visual displays that are designed to be big. They are comprised of a modular system of individual panels, each half a metre square in size. When combined, these panels can create large video displays ideal for high ambient light environments and viewable over long distances.

Due to their modular design, LED walls are a flexible tool in the hands of an experienced event service provider. The panels can be split up and used in columns or patterns as a digital stage set at a conference, or a unique feature on a custom-built exhibition stand. Microhire’s uniquely designed LED panels can even be used to create both concave and convex curved displays.

The size and versatility of LED walls make them ideal for displaying event branding or sponsorship at exhibitions, such as the Security Exhibition and Conference in Melbourne.

Working with Security Expo

The Security Expo, is the leading security industry and trade event in Melbourne. With 140 companies exhibiting over 240 brands, the event showcases innovations in the security industry to over 5000 attendees.

A central component of the show was a Central Networking Bar. Samsung was the naming rights sponsor of this space, dubbed the Samsung Solutions Bar. It was used as a central networking hub and as an exhibit for Samsung’s products and developments in security technology. The show’s organiser, Diversified Communications, wanted prominent branding that would attract visitors to this centrally-located zone.

The central location of the Samsung Solutions Bar presented a unique set of challenges. First, the solution needed to be visible from all angles and areas of the show. Second, given the high number of visually competing displays, the solution needed to be dynamic and visually engaging.

A simple rigged banner would not have provided an optimal result given these requirements; a static display would have been difficult to see from multiple angles, and would not have cut through the visual noise of competing event banners. Instead, LED panels were selected as a superior visual solution, designed as a full 360 degree wrap-around display.

The overall effect was an immense success. The LED panels allowed live, animated content to draw the eye and differentiate from other nearby visual displays. In addition, the circular design meant that the branding content was visible to everyone at the show.

Let’s work together to bring your event to life

Microhire is a full-service event specialist. We are experts in event planning and implementation, audio visual services, equipment and staging hire. Our aim is to create a big impact for your brand and sponsors, and effectively deliver your message to your audience.

With an extensive range of hire solutions combined with experience and industry connections, we will ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Talk to us today about how to use LED walls to improve your exhibition.

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