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Top Tech Driving Events in 2016
Top Tech Driving Events in 2016
Here's the latest new technology used at events
7 June, 2016

Technological change used to take a lifetime. Not any more. Electronics are now upgraded each year, not each generation. Technology is evolving faster than ever, and the tech behind events is no different.

Bulky power-hungry Plasma TVs have been replaced with crisp, full high definition LED LCDs. Cumbersome computers have been superseded by sleek touchscreen tablets. A range of secure mounting options are also available, to effectively secure, display and provide access to these devices.

Internet integration is now seamless. Across every product range, event technology has never been smarter, better or more powerful.

Here’s our picks for the most exciting new technology used at events in 2016.

1. Touch screen interactive displays

Spend some time in a tech store and you’ll soon discover people swiping at displays that aren’t touch-enabled, to no avail. That’s how ingrained touch screens have become in our lives. We now expect laptops and virtually all digital display devices to have interactive screens; it’s seemingly the default.

Event organisers and exhibitors have responded to this shift in expectations by providing event-goers with large and interactive touch screen displays.

It’s how people connect with technology today and it’s changing the event experience, making events more engaging and resulting in greater audience participation.

Some uses for touch screens include:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Product demonstrations
  • Games & activities
  • Competition entry
  • Data capture

Compatible with a range of operating systems and even paired with internet connectivity, touch screens can easily be combined with other new technology used at events and integrated into a broader marketing strategy. Auto-playback of internal, pre-loaded USB content is a handy additional feature.

2. Large format, high-resolution LCD’s

Remember when your mate’s 32″ Plasma TV seemed massive? These days, events need something a little extra to impress. Which is why event organisers and exhibitors are regularly choosing huge 75″ HD LCD screens and monster-sized 84″ Ultra HD LED LCD TVs.

HD and ultra HD LCD screens, whether used on custom-built displays, within standard booths, or in theatrettes, can deliver breathtaking visual content – be it product videos, sponsor advertisements or navigational signage.

They can deliver images from main stages over distance to delegates in other areas of an event. And, combined with other new technology used at events (live streams), they can also provide video in real time.

Microhire’s range of commercial-grade LCDs also feature highly-compatible USB media inputs for playback of video files (MP4 and AVI). This often negates the need for DVD players, laptop computers, and other associated peripheral technology.

These days, events need something a little extra to impress.

3. iPads and tablets

Launched in 2010, the original iPad was a major innovation in personal computing. Yes, technically, it wasn’t the first of its kind, but it was the first to popularise the tech. Arguably, without the humble iPad, tablet technology would not be the credible laptop alternative that it is today.

Event organisers have been using tablets since their early days. Initially used only for data capture and website browsing, tablets now offer a range of features ideal for events, including:

  • Interactive documentation
  • Social media integration
  • Sign-ups and check-ins
  • Engagement-focused apps

Custom-made event applications can encompass everything from venue maps to interactive product modelling. These apps can be installed on both event-wide technology hired and supplied by the organiser, and on personal devices (on demand). To this day, iPads remain one of the most versatile pieces of new technology used at events.

Technology is evolving faster than ever, and the tech behind events is no different.

4. Large format video walls

An LCD screen not big enough for you? With large format video walls, big screen monitors are just the beginning. Combined, these displays are measured in feet and metres, not inches and centimetres.

Integrated into custom builds, rigged, or freestanding, large format video walls provide a high-impact viewing experience, with messages and images, bigger, brighter and clearer than ever before.

Video walls can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means they can be customised to suit specific applications. Depending on the circumstance, a video wall may be constructed of “seamless LCD” panels, or direct-view LED.

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