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Throw The Spotlight On Your Next Event
Throw The Spotlight On Your Next Event
8 July, 2015

The art of event lighting

Many corporate events neglect the power of well-designed lighting. For these events, the ordinary use or complete lack of lighting is a lost opportunity to deliver the maximum impact of brand, message and event engagement.

Event lighting can be the difference between ‘an amazing event’ and ‘just another event’. There are many important technical aspects to lighting which combine to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. Once room size, layout and ambient light control are determined, a well-designed lighting scene will take into account brightness, use of patterns, gobo projection, movement, direction, speed and path.

This type of event lighting design should be part of your overall event design, and enhance the delivery of your event objective. The end result needs to create atmosphere and mood, command audience attention, and ultimately, leave a lasting impression with the audience.

Microhire is a leader in event technology and staging that understands the important role of lighting design in events. Not only will we provide the necessary equipment, but our expertise will ensure those lighting fixtures are put to use in a way that engages your audience and delivers your message.

Call our event management team on 1300 667 095 to discuss ways to throw the spotlight on your next event.

Command your audience’s attention

Lighting is a key tool at every event, but all too often it’s importance is overlooked by many event organisers. Sure, you can make lighting look colourful or flashy, but a true, customised lighting design – one created by Microhire’s Lighting Directors – commands and directs your audience’s attention, rather than serving as a distraction.

Thankfully, modern lighting technology makes this precise level of event management possible. Pre-programmed intelligent lights can be perfectly timed to match the action on-stage. Everything from the direction, speed, lighting path and angle can be in your control. These elements can be combined with stage wash and profile lights, where brightness can be instantly adjusted, so the spotlight remains on target.

The result? The complete control of your audience’s attention. The applied use of light will keep your message focused on key speakers, presenters or products. Your audience will see what you want them to see.

Design your atmosphere

Lighting is not only functional, it is also a great design tool. Well-designed lighting can subtly or explicitly evoke emotion—excitement, anticipation, wonder, mystery—and feed into your event’s overall theme, brand or style.

The use of colour, patterns and movement are effective ways to create emotion. For example, the crowd’s excitement could be created with the use of vivid colours, vibrant patterns and drastic speeds. Conversely, a sense of mystery or anticipation could be kindled using cool colours combined with slow movements and subtle lighting changes. Tying these scenes in with smoke, haze and synchronised music completes the picture.

Whatever your desired emotion or atmosphere, our Lighting Directors can create it, customised for you.

Incorporate your message

Once you have captured your audience’s attention and created the perfect atmosphere, the next step is to introduce your message. This message will often differ across different corporate event types. Whether you are hosting a conferenceexhibitiongala dinner or product launch, there are ways to incorporate your brand, sponsors and affiliates using lighting.

Logo projection in key areas is one such way to get this brand message across. The supporting use of colour and patterns in branded colours is also key to reinforcing brand and message with your audience.

From presenters to products, roadshows to trade shows, your brand is in control with the effective use of lighting.

Leave an impression with Microhire

Ultimately, the goal of your event is to give your audience something—a memory, a message, knowledge, or a desire to purchase. Lighting has the power to command audience attention, fill them with emotion and showcase your product or message. Effective lighting solutions can only be implemented by skilled and experienced lighting designers.

Microhire is a leader in event staging solutions. In addition to audio, vision, staging and set design, our event organisers can pre-program and install cutting-edge LED and intelligent lighting technology.

At Microhire, our account managers and lighting designers will work with you to understand your event’s message and objective. Our event solutions are planned, designed and implemented to maximise opportunities to deliver your message to an engaged audience.

Make your next corporate event a success by engaging an industry-leading event staging partner. Contact Microhire today on 1300 667 095.

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