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Technology as Creative
Technology as Creative
22 April, 2016

Cutting edge technology can make your event spectacular.

Event technology and equipment isn’t just about the nuts and bolts of an event anymore. The equipment involved in putting on an event used to just be about utility: you needed lights and speakers so the audience could see and hear everything. These days, lighting is intelligent, programmable and dynamic. Subtle changes in colour and tone elicit emotional responses from your audience in a way that perfectly matches the theme of your event.

While it’s true that equipment still serves a functional role in putting on an event, cutting edge technology and creative practices have elevated this process to the level of an art form. The best events use technology as a creative platform, not just a functional necessity.

What does technology as creative actually mean?

The difference between using technology as a creative practice and using technology simply as a utility depends on the purpose and execution of how it’s used. Are the lights being used to create atmosphere, support the theme of the evening and enhance the experience of the audience? Or are they simply functioning to supply a suitable level of visibility?

The same type of question can be asked of every piece of staging and AV equipment used at your event. Is it simply there to provide a utility or does it enhance the audience’s experience by supporting the theme? When the answer is the latter for each piece of equipment, your event has the potential to create full sensory experiences that will be unforgettable for your audience. Supporting the onstage entertainment by synchronising changes in the tone of music and lighting is just one way to accomplish this.

Using technology for creativity

Putting on a creative, high-concept event has more to do with using technology than you might think. Using the best that technology has to offer gives your event endless possibilities. For example, Microhire worked with evoke to create a spectacular Alice in Wonderland themed event. The lighting and sound design was used to create a dream-like atmosphere. Every aspect of the event’s technology and design worked together perfectly to transport the audience to another world, Wonderland, in an event that was absolutely unforgettable.

Technology, when combined with powerful multimedia, allows you to create an event that tells a story; one that can evolve and keep your audience engaged throughout. Creating this kind of remarkable experience is possible for your event, too. Once you have chosen the theme of your event and the effect you want to have on your audience, perfecting the design and execution will largely depend on using cutting edge technologies and specialist AV technicians.

Creative equipment and services

There is a range of different products and technologies than can all be used to create inspiring events. This includes:

  • Screens and projections – Screens, video mixers and projectors can be used for a range of creative purposes. Whether you want to show your audience another view of the onstage entertainment with ‘live to screen’ roving cameras or create an atmosphere for a themed event by projecting images onto every surface in the room.
  • Sound design and speakers – Sound design is one of the best ways to enhance your audience’s experience. This requires the right equipment and system design, including microphones, speakers, mixing desks and technical expertise to create a dynamic soundscape.
  • Digital services – Technology can also elevate your event by improving the way that your audience engages and interacts with it. Digital services such as wireless internet, social media solutions, and webcasting can all be used to improve your audience’s experience.

Case Study: AHRI Congress Gala Dinner

The Australian Human Resources Institute approached Microhire to create a spectacular event for their Congress Gala Dinner at their National Convention & Exhibition.

The theme was ‘A Night on Broadway’ and Microhire was given the challenge of bringing this theme to life. We did this by designing a stage that incorporated a dynamic lighting rig that created depth and atmosphere on the stage and three large LED screens that formed a live billboard.

Each of the screens could be used to display different parts of the same image or independent content using video mixing technology and live on-screen roving cameras. This experience was supported by a second, central stage, connected to the main stage by a runway, which allowed the entertainment to get as close to the audience as possible.

The end result was an event space that could be transformed instantly through dynamic lighting and sound design; perfectly suiting the presentations at the event as well as supporting the entertainment and theme.

Specialists in creative technologies

Microhire provides industry-leading event solutions. We use our decades of experience and our huge range of cutting edge AV equipment and technology to create events that are unforgettable and reinforce the key messages of your event.

What technology to use and how to best design it depends on many factors, so our technical department is heavily involved in the development and design of event concepts. We can work with you to create a spectacular experience for your audience, no matter what type of theme or event you want to put on.

Call the Microhire team on 1300 667 095 for creative event solutions.

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