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Staff Profile: Dan Brown, Senior AV Technician
Staff Profile: Dan Brown, Senior AV Technician
Meet Dan Brown, Microhire's Senior AV Technician in Queensland
28 January, 2016

All relationships in AV are built on Truss.
Dan Brown is much more than an AV technician. Sure, he loves the technical side of his role – bringing client’s events to life – but he also loves the customer service side as well. “I spend a lot of time with our clients,” explains Dan, “I see my position as more of a customer role.”

Dan, as Senior AV Technician, is responsible for the core components that make up events: the lights that create atmosphere, the visuals that delight the senses and the sounds that inspire whole crowds. From the planning and set-up of large-scale Audio Visual equipment to managing the day of the event, Dan is a central player in making sure that the client’s vision is realised and everything goes off without a hitch.

By contrast, Dan’s background stems from entertainment, theatre and drama. He first cut his technical teeth operating the lights and sound at a 450-seat restaurant and theatre on the Gold Coast, polishing a personal flair for drama, action, and suspense.

Since those early days, Dan has gone on to work with a range of events, from dazzling thousands at trade shows to creating unforgettable intimate experiences. “I have looked after everything from the big Microsoft TechEd Show to a small private Japanese wedding of four people.” Even as he moved into the corporate AV space, his theatre experience continues to define his creative approach to AV design.

Since joining the Microhire team, Dan has led the charge on AV solutions for large scale conferences and events. His canvas is the Marriot Resort and Spa on the Gold Coast, an international conference destination that could rival a glamorous Las Vegas venue.

The whole event went off without a hitch.

In this capacity, Dan has been responsible for a number of high-profile events, including the FBI Conference in 2015. “The whole hotel was in lockdown,” explains Dan. “300 VIP guests and the head of the FBI in attendance. They sent over some amazing FBI agents who spoke beautifully. The whole event went off without a hitch.”

On a personal level, Dan particularly enjoys the audio side of things. Music, in particular, is a keen interest of his: “Yesterday I spent half the day writing music,” he reveals.

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Dan is part of a wider group of event specialists that work together to bring exceptional events to life. From conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and much more, the team behind Microhire are experts in the corporate events field.

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