Microhires trademarked job design and job delivery methodology.

Client Brief

Identifies the clients objectives and key message.

Transition the customers brief into how we best ‘say it live’.


We use the client brief to develop an event strategy that transforms the clients message into an experience that will produce the outcome required using multi-media, showcraft, creative and audio visual.

We need to establish how do we get the attention of their audience.

Concept Development.

Creative concept is developed based on the event objectives using show craft techniques, creative and audio visual.

Receptivity – People ignore what they don’t care about.

How do we make sure people are receptive to your message.

Scope of Works

The scope of works identifies what skills are required for the project, the timeline and what tasks need to be completed and by whom.


Client Presentation

Present the essence of the show to the client – the emotion (look and feel).

Presenting the essence of a show to a client requires a number of actions that reproduce the tangible manner of what is essentially intangible in any show – the emotion (look and feel).

If you want your audience to remember who you are and what your offering, you have to grab their attention and hold it.

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