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Something to say?  Nothing beats saying it live.

Product & Company Launch Events

  • Passionate, experienced professionals experts in designing launches that achieve maximum impact.
  • Providers of the latest product launch technology, creative and digital services.
  • You only get one chance, make sure you leave a great impression.

What expectation does your organisation have of your events program? Is it considered a valuable tool for exposing your brand or increasing market awareness and driving sales? Or is it considered a junket – something we must do because our competitors are doing it?

At Microhire, we understand that you only get one shot at a first impression.A product launch event is a significant commercial investment that should deliver measurable results and achieve a set of defined objectives and goals.That’s why we provide everything from corporate product launch technical and creative design through to company launch staging services to assist you in delivering your message.

Using full circle event production from concept to execution, our team are dedicated to making your product or company launch event a success. From the initial brief, we use peerless technical principles to design your event, cutting-edge digital services to engage your audience, pioneering innovation to create an experience, customised staging, and the largest, state-of-the-art audio, visual and IT inventory to ensure a seamless, world-class event.

Unique Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

A product launch event is a great way to put you in front of your buyers. The big question when considering a product launch is, “How do we want to be perceived by our existing customers and potential new ones?” This is a critical question that must be clearly understood and defined.  Only then can a product launch event designer specifically design an event experience that will enhance your brand, deliver your key messages and make you stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, with the help of Australia’s most diverse technology inventory and an experienced passionate event staging company launch specialist, standing out is easy.

Microhire can provide the following services for your next product or company launch event:

  • Help finding the right venue
  • Event design and creative
  • Technical design
  • Production management
  • Digital tools that will engage your audience well before and after your event
  • Multimedia and video production
  • Supplier management

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Whether you need an AV company launch specialist in Sydney or a product launch event specialist in Melbourne, Microhire can partner with you to provide the assistance you need. Call us today on 1300 667 095 to get your product or company off to the best possible start.

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