North Melbourne Football Club Grand Final Breakfast


North Melbourne Football Club contracted Microhire for a second year running to provide technical and creative production for the 2013 North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast
at Etihad Stadium.  A signature event on Grand Final day, the event is a live broadcast on Foxtel’s Fox Footy Channel and is presented live to an audience of 3,500 on the Etihad Stadium surface.


Microhire was responsible for:

  • Overall room creative concept and technical design
  • Technical and creative production management
  • 20x5m wide screen and two large screen displays consisting of four 16×9’ screens & high end data projectors
  • Inflatable entrance feature
  • Assisting with screen content
  • All audio including an acoustic performance
  • Design of the main stage
  • Lighting design and installation
  • All rigging for the vision, audio, lighting and drapes
  • Draping of the function space


The client was ecstatic and the event was an outstanding success.

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