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Why you need an event lighting designer for your next event

Why you need an event lighting designer for your next event
Here's what event managers should know about event lighting companies
30 November, 2016

Your event deserves a great event lighting designer

The current buzz in the events industry is all around how to engage audiences.

There is no doubt that exciting new technology has changed how event managers engage their audiences, as well as how they increase audience participation.

However, it is important not to forget the vital role that lighting plays in enhancing your event.

Additionally, it’s necessary to remember that great lighting design doesn’t just happen.

It takes a great event lighting designer and a great event lighting company. One that uses an intimate knowledge of your event to develop for you an exceptional and tailored lighting show.

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The difference between event lighting companies

When it comes to event lighting companies, experience is critical.

At Microhire, we’ve been in the business long enough to understand that unique events require unique solutions. We know that one size rarely fits all.

That’s why we’ve developed extensive knowledge in transforming spaces to match:

  • Event themes
  • Branding
  • Overall aesthetics

We can always apply a truly creative lighting solution, whether it’s for a:

Our inventive and passionate team are always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible with creative event lighting. To do this, they draw on years of experience from a variety of events and spaces.

Designer event lighting vs. venue lighting packages

Be careful when choosing ‘off the shelf’ lighting packages, especially venue lighting packages.

Lighting packages can work, but they often lack key considerations.

Including consideration of:

  • Which lights you actually need
  • Which lights you need for which lighting types
  • Which effects you want to create for your event

The drawback is that typically your AV salesperson sells you the job without working out what lighting you need to generate maximum impact during your event.

Instead, your lighting design is based on what you get in your lighting package. And then it’s generally designed on the day by your lighting operator, or in many instances, by an audio visual technician.

Because of this, lighting packages can be an easy option for lighting your event. However, they regularly lack the power and effectiveness of a designer event solution delivered by an event lighting designer.

Event information to supply to your event lighting designer

Firstly, your event lighting companies’ lighting designer needs to know your venue; the ceiling heights, layout, power, stage size and rigging options. All of these factors are important.

The runsheet, cue, or blocking for your event is also extremely useful. It determines how many scenes you need, as well as which lights you require for your desired effects and impact.

Things for consideration include:

  • Walk-in scenes
  • Speeches
  • Awards
  • Entertainment
  • Dances brackets

If your event has styling or a traditional theme, your event lighting designer needs a breakdown of props.

This is to determine:

  • How many props there will be
  • Which props require lighting
  • Where lit props will appear
  • How best to light props
  • Which colour lights to use

If your event has styling, lighting is the perfect partner, as your event lighting designer can use their expertise to enrich and highlight the styling of your event.

Other lighting components for consideration

Consideration also needs to be given to other components of your event.

These components include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Programming time
  • Cameras, especially if there is a record
  • Roving entertainers or presenters who move around stage
  • Reflection off of instruments and other surfaces onto the screens
  • Walk-up effects for awards or special guests

In addition, you will also need to consider:

  • Presentations
  • Signage
  • Opportunity to use Gobos
  • Colours used for brand alignment and reinforcement

The best event lighting companies now have software that enables them to create events in 2D software. So they can showcase to you the lighting design in preparation for your event.

When it comes to lighting it’s your time to shine

At Microhire, we are your event staging specialists. Whether you’re searching for an event lighting company or a complete event solution, we can deliver the expertise you need.

Our event lighting designers, in partnership with the rest of our expert team, will ensure that your next event is an event to remember. One with powerful and impactful lighting.

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