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Why an irresistible event tagline is vital for your event

Why an irresistible event tagline is vital for your event
A great event tagline is essential for engaging your audience
25 October, 2016

What is an event tagline?

An event tagline is a phrase or sentence that summarises your event and its primary benefits in a succinct and compelling fashion. An effective tagline should feature a powerful ‘hook’ which clearly conveys what your event offers and why audiences should attend.

An exceptional event tagline will grab people’s attention and hold it. It will ensure that people remember who you are and what you’re offering. It will explain the key products or services you are promoting, their benefits, and why targeted audiences need them.

The importance of a compelling event tagline

In today’s world, you are more than ever, competing for people’s attention.

People are now constantly bombarded with messages. On their smartphones, on dynamic advertising displays, on TV and radio, promoters are perpetually overloading audiences with information.

To manage that deluge of content, modern consumers have become adept at filtering their attention. They engage with what interests them and dismiss anything they don’t care about straight away.

Therefore, if your tagline does not instantly resonate with your audience, it will be ignored completely.

Best-selling author Seth Godin says the following in his seminal book on marketing The Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

In an attention economy marketers struggle for attention. If you don’t have it you lose.

Your event tagline must grab your audience’s attention fast, and then keep it long enough to deliver your message. Your tagline must be easily recognisable, simple to understand, and easy to remember.

Not having an event tagline (at all) is like forgetting to send invitations for your birthday party. You need to create a message just for your potential attendees and you need to ensure that they get it.

Create an event tagline that works

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Common event tagline mistakes

Your event tagline must be relevant to your target audience.

If your tagline is not relevant to your audience then you won’t get their attention, and more importantly you won’t get their attendance at your event.

So, before creating your event tagline, make sure you understand your event audience, as well as what appeals to them and what drives them to take action.

Inexperienced event organisers often try to appeal to everyone. But, this is a waste of time and money.

Instead, focus your efforts on making your tagline relevant to people who will be receptive to your message. These are the people that may attend your event. They are the ones that matter.

If your tagline doesn’t appeal to your audience then you could be wasting valuable resources on your event.

Event taglines that work best

As stated above, understanding your audience and developing a relevant message is vital for an effective tagline. Therefore, each tagline will need to be unique based on your audience and their needs.

However, in our experience we have found that value and education based event taglines generally work best.

As magnate, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett says:

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Effective event taglines should have tangible value. They should understand and reinforce the value of attending events.

Your event tagline must make your target audience want what you have to offer. It must appeal to them and their needs.

Your tagline must be easily recognisable, simple to understand, and easy to remember.

Get the specialists on your side with Microhire

At Microhire, we are Australia’s leading event staging company. We partner with companies and brands to create world class events.

We believe in doing things differently, after all you can’t be remarkable if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else. That’s why we develop unique and innovative techniques, such as our ‘Show Intellect’ event design methodology.

Whatever your event and audience, our event specialists can help you to create an event tagline that hooks, engages, and drives people to take action.

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