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What Having a Base Operation Means for You as a Customer

What Having a Base Operation Means for You as a Customer
In-house venue or external supplier (state base operation)? Which model delivers the most customer value.
19 December, 2016

Recently more audio visual and event companies are choosing to close some of their state based operations due to strategic shifts, cost issues or the inability to compete in an ever-changing market. This trend raises some concerns not only for their base customers who no longer have access to a local expert but their venue customers and the venues clients too. The good news is that this situation also provides the perfect environment for developing new innovation.

So what are the customer benefits of a base operation?

Event companies can provide enhanced value.

The ideal model is an event company that has both in-house venue operations and a supporting base operation.

The base operation providing specialist skills like event design, creative treatment, the latest technology, specialist services like stage management and show calling. Basically, they can provide their venues with the proper expertise and technology for any event type.

Where venue bound work is concerned, an external event company will try to avoid comparing projector against projector with in-house contractors and to successfully pitch for an event, they have to create more value and additional benefit to win these customers’ events.

Competing against in-house audio-visual contractors drives innovative thinking, and this leads to enhanced value creation from event companies.

Microhire has experts in many market segments that can provide innovative thinking.

Microhire competes in this environment daily and is active across multiple segments of the events industry provides a great environment for new innovation.

We service six market segments; venues, events, conferences, exhibitions, IT, and hire and this client matrix enables us to use various technology and innovative thinking across different market segments thus providing additional value for our customers.

Each of these divisions are driven by separate KPI’s, buyer motivations and needs. Each requiring different products, expertise and design.

Cross-pollination of these divisional drivers offers unprecedented innovation to all existing and potential events markets. Innovation has been key to Microhire’s increased success over the past five years and has been a key contributor to us becoming, the largest Australian owned event company.

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One point of contact for all your event needs

There is no denying the advantages of choosing event companies which feature a base operation. Essentially it allows a customer to work with a dedicated account manager, who can manage a customer’s event portfolio nationally, in any venue, in any space. An account manager who becomes an extension of the customer’s event team.

Further to providing the customer with one point of contact for all their event needs, there is significant value in having a national account manager to offer expert advice and tailored event company solutions. A national account manager transitions the customer relationship from a transactional to a service based model, and this results in event companies providing customers with additional value.

Get a complete solution from an event specialist

An event company like Microhire can provide high-end technical expertise.

Another challenge for venue only operators is the difficulty in attracting and retaining the best talent. Senior and experienced account managers, technical directors and technicians relish the opportunity to work on complex, larger jobs that challenge them.

An event company which features a base operation, such as Microhire, provides the right environment for talented event specialists and at the same time enables you to better support your venue customer, with high end and knowledgeable expertise usually required for these types of events.

Unlike specialist event companies, in-house audio visual companies don’t have the same level of access to these expert skills. As a customer you don’t get access to experienced creative minds, shared innovation, the latest technology and creative/technical production expertise that all add so much value to your event.

The benefit an event company like Microhire provides, is a total event solution under the one roof, for all your design, technical, multi-media, digital, and creative services. Using experienced and knowledgeable staff that work together daily, using the latest technologies available and sharing their experiences, creates a greater value for the customer, particularly where efficiencies and best practice are concerned.

I’m sure you would agree that this results in a powerful resource for our base clients, our venue partners and their customers.

The ideal model is a event company that has both in-house venue operations and a supporting base operation.

Comparing event companies? Contact Microhire first.

At Microhire, we can provide you with a complete, end to end event staging solution. Whether it’s for an intimate event or large scale gala dinner, we can help. No project is too big or too small.

So, if you’re comparing event companies, contact us today to discuss your event ambitions or project goals. We’ll work with you to ensure that your next event is an event to remember.

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