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Searching for cheap stage hire? Read this first.

Searching for cheap stage hire? Read this first.
An initially cheaper quote can cost you more in the long run
9 January, 2017

our stage is vital to the success of your event.

Your event stage is the platform on which all your speakers and entertainers stand. It’s a focal point for your event’s audience. It’s also a central point for your presentations and key event messaging.

Try to imagine your event without a properly functioning stage. For example, a stage where viewing is obstructed for some of the audience. Or a stage on which a handful of AV technologies are not working.

Think about how that could impact on the effect your event. What would it say about your brand?

Unfortunately, this is the reality for event organisers who choose low cost staging hire in place of a trusted professional event staging provider.

The risks of cheap stage hire

You know the old saying, you get what you pay for, and that’s particularly true when it comes to implementing your event’s stage because low cost staging can result in all of the following.

1. Obstructed view
When creating an event stage, the audience should be front of mind. The stage needs to be positioned correctly, it should built at an appropriate height, and optimised to match audience sight lines.

An event stage that is designed or installed without taking these factors into consideration will very likely result in your event audience’s view being obstructed, or at the very least not optimal.

This can mean that your audience will:

  • Miss key event messages
  • Get a poor impression of your brand
  • Have a bad event experience

2. Low impact presentation

Your event stage gives you the perfect opportunity to make an impact, and to leave a lasting impression on your event audience.

The latest event technology and design thinking offers huge potential for creating impact. An event staging company uses these things to help you to deliver a truly striking event; one which leaves a powerful impression on your event attendees.

However, in an attempt to keep costs down, event stages are often compromised. They lack impactful use of event technology and other clever design features.

3. Safety concerns

Stage safety is essential to your event. It has a direct baring on the well-being of your event presenters, staff, and audience.

There are many industry regulations which your staging supplier must adhere to when building your stage. If these regulations are not met your stage can become a risky or even dangerous place.

Your event staging supplier must consider:

  • Safety rails, securing and lighting of stairs and ramps
  • The depth of the stage (it should be at least 3ft behind panels, lecterns, and entertainers)
  • The weight of everything on the stage during the event

Cheap stage hire may save you a few dollars, but no saving is worth compromising the safety of your event.

Simply put, if you’re not confident in the precautions which your low cost staging hire company is suggesting, the choice is simple, don’t contract them.

Choose a trusted event staging supplier instead

The best way to avoid the traps of low cost staging is to choose a reputable supplier. A company that is as trusted as it is experienced in providing and designing stage solutions for events of every type.

A trusted supplier will enhance your event by maximising the power of your staging.

They can achieve this by using:

1. Striking stage designs

Speak to your supplier about covering the stage. This can be an effective and visually appealing way to enhance your staging, especially when working in a theatre or environment with tiered seating.

2. Multiple stages

Multiple stages add impact. Many programs have a presentation area, panel, and an informal interviewing section. This use of multiple stages can be ideal for reinforcing key event themes.

3. Satellite stages

Secondary stages, generally known as satellite stages, can also be used to great effect. They provide variety for the audience while also improving the overall experience.

4. Drapes or set backdrops

Stage drapes and backgrounds are a powerful and cost-effective way to enhance your event. And, you can often choose between economical modular stage sets and custom built options.

5. Stage branding

Generally, a stage set can be easily branded using black canvases for projection of key statements, messaging, and sponsorship recognition.

These are options generally not offered by low cost staging companies. In the event that they are, best practice would suggest researching success in delivery.

Thinking cheap stage hire? Think Microhire instead.

At Microhire, we are Australia’s event staging specialists. Whatever your event or function, we can help to make it an experience to remember, for both you and your audience.

Unlike many cheap stage hire companies, our people know how to use the latest technologies and design thinking to make events striking, powerful, and engaging from start to finish.

Find out more about Microhire.

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