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How to transform your next conference with AV equipment

How to transform your next conference with AV equipment
19 December, 2018

Get the right AV equipment to transform your space

Planning and hosting a conference takes time and effort. There’s a lot to consider, from choosing the perfect venue to coordinating speakers and securing sponsors. Plus there’s the all-important question of how to give your conference that a difference or edge.

If you intend on hosting a conference with ‘wow’ factor – one that every attendee remembers – you’ll want to consider enhancing the stage with audio visual (AV) and creative. The latest high-quality AV equipment and creative treatment can bring your event to life using dramatic effects and atmospheric staging that will reinforce your message, engage your audience and enhance the guest experience.

At Microhire, we live and breathe all things audio visual. We can suggest the best AV set-up and equipment to meet your event’s objectives – contact us today and let’s talk.

Here are five ways to create a one-of-a-kind conference experience using AV equipment.

1. Incorporate specialised lighting and lighting effects

Whether you want to create impact, emphasis on a particular product or prop, anticipation and excitement or reinforce your brand and key message we can design a lighting show using the latest specialised lighting and lighting effects at next conference.

The latest lighting AV technology can combine pictures, logos or dazzling colour, movement and patterns transforming an ordinary space into an atmospheric that will put your presentation’s in the spotlight.

At Microhire, we specialise in designing customised lighting solutions for conferences using a hug brange of AV lighting technology. Our inventory includes the latest programmable ‘smart’ lighting, LED lighting, theatrical lighting, stage and spotlighting, digital control desks and lighting design software.

Whatever you want to achieve at your conference, we will ensure it’s enlightened.

2. Use digital signage systems


Digital signage systems can convey information and marketing messages to your audience in a much smarter and engaging way than traditional signage.

This versatile AV software and technology provides you with the flexibility to change or update information within seconds, promote sponsors or social events, can be interactive, will display animated content and is fully programable.

With the latest interactive LCD screens its easier to catch someone’s attention and hold it, through creating powerful content, that can make you audience feel, think and act. Its another way to create an experiential environment that’s different from an ordinary event.

In addition to directional information and program details, digital signage creates additional value for your sponsors by advertising and promoting their brand or product using clever teasers, educational content, promotions and even calls to action or we can simply reinforce their key objectives for the duration of the conference.

Our experienced technical and creative team will be happy to talk you through your options when it comes to digital signage and help you plan a series of captivating LCD, LED and plasma displays.

3. Create an unforgettable experience

One of the biggest challenges of running a conference is keeping your audience engaged for the entire duration. One way to do this is by building a great atmosphere so that all of their senses are heightened and they’re seeking information.

The latest AV technology is well-equipped to put on a show for your audience. Audiences now want content that will dazzle their senses, touch their hearts and stimulate their minds. They want products, communications and marketing campaigns that are an event experience.

The degree to which a company or presenter is able to deliver a desirable customer experience using technology, powerful content, effects and even entertainment can largely determine the success of a presentation or conference.

By focusing on the delegate experience you can trigger stimulations to the senses, the heart and the mind. The right selection of impactful images, succinct content, impactful audio and interactive displays can reinforce the theme of your conference and how its relates to your customers wants, needs and desires.

The experience begins form the very first contact through to your post event communication strategy. Live events provide a captive audience. Remember attention doesn’t matter if people don’t care about what you are doing. If all we are looking for is attention, then let’s not bother with any business stuff.

You want the attention from people who will ultimately purchase from you. It’s nice to be the centre of attention but events are about achieving certain objectives e.g. increasing profitable sales, education not winning a popularity contest.

You can also consider installing audience Q&A and polling software at your conference. Contact our AV specialists at Microhire to chat about the best way to engage, energise and inspire your attendees. We’ll find an original way to elevate your event’s atmosphere from ordinary to extraordinary.

4. Get social in real time

Where would we be without social media? Hate it or love it, social media is now a firmly ingrained part of our world, and that means it should be part of your event if you want to get people talking (and sharing).

Incorporating an event backdrop into your stage area is a great way to make sure that all photos taken at your conference show off experiences, key corporate branding and reinforce the brand of your event. You can even create a photo wall for attendees to be photographed in front of as they arrive or in between sessions.

A great way to create extra buzz and increase audience participation during your conference is to have a clever predetermined hashtag. Using AV technology and digital displays, you can make sure it remains front and centre of people’s minds through reinforcement making it a key communication strategy of your conference.

We can design a live breathing real time social media display using the latest technology featuring the hashtag so that your attendees will see the content they share up on live screens within seconds of sending it.

5. Live event support

One of the best aspects of real customer service is the personal interaction you get. A friendly face can reassure and guide you through a customer experience.

Teleportivity is a new way of engaging and servicing your customers. It enables event organisers and exhibitors to deliver authentic human interactions via an efficient digital platform.

Why choose Microhire?

When you work with us, you get access to the latest and most up-to-date inventory of audio visual equipment in Australia. We offer a complete and comprehensive range of AV services including digital and traditional stage sets, wide-screen projection, webcasting and recording, audience Q&A and voting software, digital signage systems, and secure wi-fi and video production.

We are genuinely passionate about the topic of AV technology and take pride in suggesting the best way to use audio visual technology, creative and digital tools to that brings your conference alive.

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants, creative directors, technical directors and operators are more than happy to assist you, your presenters, executive team or on-site staff with the operational side of set-up so that you can focus on your conference’s program and content.

Contact Microhire today on 1300 667 095 to learn more about AV equipment and how we can leverage it to make your next conference one to remember.

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