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How much do LED walls cost to hire?

How much do LED walls cost to hire?
5 April, 2019

What influences the price of your event’s LED display wall

Using LED walls is a fantastic way to captivate and educate your audience. LED walls can effectively get your brand’s message across on the big screen. So it’s no wonder they’re such a popular request for event organisers.

One of the most common questions we get asked about LED walls is how much they will cost. LED walls can cost anything from $70 to $140 per panel, per day to hire. Hire costs can vary because due to the nature of your even and the LED wall setup required.

The picture quality, rental period, and even the labour required to install your screens are all things that can influence pricing. So when you ask a staging company how much LED walls cost, it helps to know what goes into setting up a display before questioning the value of what you’re getting.

Talk to the event staging experts at Microhire to get a quote on LED wall rental costs.

What goes into quoting LED walls?


There are three main items that we consider when we’re putting together a quote for an LED wall. That said, it’s not always easy to know exactly what you need. We’ll walk you through all of these items when you’re planning your event.

1. Size does matter

The larger your LED wall is, the more of an impact you’ll make at an event. The size of your LED wall can vary depending on its purpose or the amount of space you have available in your venue.

LED walls are constructed with a series of interconnecting LED panels to form a custom size screen. It’s important to consider the layout of your event space when selecting a custom size LED wall.

The size of your LED wall can also influence how it’s installed at your venue. Your screen may be held up by ground support or rigged from a truss directly above an exhibition stand.

2. Cost of labour

The custom nature of your event’s LED wall can also affect the labour required to install it. Specialist equipment and labourers may be required depending on how complex the installation is.

Your venue may not have support beams and other resources required to safely install your LED wall. A lack of building resources can drive costs up higher depending on what additional equipment is required for installation.

Complex panel configurations can also drive up the cost of your LED wall. Displays with a curved shape or even those with spaces in between panels are far more challenging to install compared to standard rectangular configurations.

3. Screen resolution

The level of picture quality can also affect how much your LED walls cost. The resolution of an LED screen is determined by the pixel pitch of an image. A higher count of pixels will produce a clearer image.

The need for a clear image is determined by the distance between the screen and your audience. The further away your audience is, the less of a need you have for image clarity. The closer your audience is, the higher your LED walls resolution should be.

LED screens with 4K and Ultra HD can dramatically increase costs too. These screens require high-end processors to produce imagery at a higher resolution. So if you choose to upgrade to a high-resolution display, you can expect the cost of your LED walls to increase significantly.

How to get an accurate quote for your LED wall

When you approach an event staging company for an LED wall installation, it’s important to communicate what you wish to achieve. There’s nothing wrong with being ‘too ambitious’ with your design.

The size of your event, the number of attendees, and venue resources will influence what you’re able to achieve. Working alongside a trusted event staging company like Microhire will ensure you get an accurate and honest quote for your display.

Microhire is the only event staging company in Australia that can offer both indoor and outdoor LED walls. So if you want a custom display to get your brand’s message across, contact Microhire for a quote on LED wall costs.

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