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Don’t risk your event. Use a trusted event partner.

Don’t risk your event. Use a trusted event partner.
You only get one shot when staging a live event
7 November, 2016

The best technology deserves the best people

Technology is changing on an almost daily basis. So too are the techniques used for designing events.

With new creative design, technical production, and audience engagement techniques, the potential to create truly remarkable events is huge.

In fact, thanks to technology and industry innovation, there has never been more opportunity for event organisers to make their mark with a cutting edge event.

However, as events become more sophisticated, production planning becomes more important and the use of 3D walkthroughs, renders, and CAD plans essential. You need the right expertise is to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Specialist stage managers, show callers, skilled operators and set-up/pack-down technicians can all be required to deliver an exceptional event. Not only this but all specialists must be able to work together to create an integrated and seamless outcome.

This is why it is important, when designing your event, to meet with a trusted event staging company.

Event technology is often only as good as the professional designers and operators behind it.

Why you need a trusted event staging partner

The right event staging company can work with you to craft your event from the ground up.

Expert event designers can outline what is possible with today’s technology. They can identify new technologies and show you how to use them to enhance your event.

While the technology for events is evolving rapidly, many of the fundamentals are also changing. By enlisting an event staging company, you’ll be able to count on proven skills and expertise.

Chances are, you don’t plan events every day. But at Microhire, we do.

When you partner with us, you get access to systems which have been successfully tried and tested across thousands of events. As well as knowledge regarding industry best practices and processes.

Our event experts have many years experience, as well as a wealth of ideas and insider know-how. They’re live event specialists. They know events like no one else.

Choose Microhire and you can work with:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Creative and technical directors
  • Showcallers
  • Stage managers
  • Senior technicians

Our skilled operators can provide the expert technical design and proven production values, which is vital for making your event the best that it can be.

The risks of subpar event companies

You only get one chance when staging a live event.

Unfortunately, it’s often not until the day of the event, that event organisers realise that corners have been cut. It’s during peak periods that technology either shines or collapses in an embarrassing heap.

Many companies market themselves well, but under the surface they lack the expertise, knowledge, and skills to deliver.

Subpar event companies often feature:

  • Inferior brand technologies
  • A lack of experience
  • Non-specialist technicians
  • Ineffective production processes
  • Inexperienced project managers

As the adage goes: you get what you pay for.

If a company’s quote sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Live events provide many challenges. If an event is not properly planned, then systems can and do fail. Experience and knowledge are vital in ensuring that this does not happen.

When designing and planning an event, a credible event staging company will identify and reduce any risks. They’ll minimise the potential for errors. And, they’ll ensure that everything goes to plan.

How to spot an unreliable service provider

You wouldn’t hire a new employee without reading their resume, conducting an interview, and checking their references. Hiring an audio visual or event staging company should be no different.

Before contracting a company, ask them who their major clients are and how long they’ve been working with them. Have them provide you with references too.

Also ask: do you have a documented production process? Can you show me an outline of your workflow? How do you design and manage events?

If they cannot provide you with answers to these questions, or if they cannot supply you with references from previous projects, it may be wise to choose another company.

Note: you can also check their website for case studies.

What makes Microhire different?

So, at Microhire we talk the talk, but do we walk the walk?


We have fully developed and documented our own process for designing and producing events. We call it Show Intellect. And it can help you to create a seamless and world class event.

Our Show Intellect processes allow us to provide a tailored solution. One that precisely matches your brief and event objectives.

It allows us to track progress with relevant milestones. To monitor costs to ensure your event is on budget. To identify risks and either reduce them or remove them completely.

Just some of these documented processes include:

  • Production minimum standards
  • Production and pre-show checklists
  • Equipment checking and warehouse prepping
  • Show briefs

The use of documented show craft and production techniques enhances the event experience while minimising the potential for unforeseen circumstances.

There has never been more opportunity for event organisers to make their mark with a cutting edge event.

We are your event staging specialists

At Microhire, we are Australia’s leading event staging company. We partner with a wide range of businesses and brands to create exceptional events.

Whatever your event, our specialists can help you to make it a memorable one. We’ll ensure your event goes to plan, from start to finish.

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