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Bring Social Media to Life at Your Next Event

Bring Social Media to Life at Your Next Event
Using Social Media to Engage Your Audience
9 June, 2015

Combining digital and physical

The line between our digital and physical worlds is blurring. According to Sensis, 93% of Australians are connected to Facebook, and a large demographic are using services such as Instagram and Snapchat.

This wide-spread access and use of social media is changing how we interact with physical experiences. For businesses, this presents an opportunity to convert digital interaction into physical engagement.

How? By using smart technology at your next corporate event, conference, exhibition or trade show.

At Microhire, we have embraced digital and physical interactivity with solutions such as our Digital Signage Totem. This ‘Totem’ automatically cycles through social media uploaded by the audience, in real time.

Not only is this solution an opportunity for attendees to interact and engage with the event, it is also a way to leverage social media and integrate it with your digital branding.

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How does social media create a unique event experience?

Social Media platforms are a great tool to help publicise and showcase your event. These days most events are marketed online before the date, and photos and videos are published when things are all wrapped up. But what about during the event?

There is a lot of potential to create a unique event experience by connecting the audience’s social media and displaying their content in real time. Encouraging your audience to post and share during the event is a great way to leverage your audience’s social media influence. In effect, your audience is marketing your event for you!

In fact, your audience is keen share their experience. The second biggest reason for using social media is to share photos or videos, according to Sensis.

Giving them a way to interact with the event is a new and interesting way to engage with your audience, leave a lasting impression and build your brand.

How can I use social media at my next event?

Microhire’s Digital Signage Totem is an innovative way to connect your event with your audience’s social media.

Our Totem is a unique product, designed using six high definition LCD displays. These displays are seamlessly merged together using our custom housing.

The top section of Totem is a video wall which displays a social media feed, such as Instagram photos. Visitors can easily get their social media content displayed in real time using the event’s hashtag.

We implemented this solution at the 2015 Fitness and Health Expo as a way to provide a new and interesting entrance feature to welcome visitors to the show.

This feature built excitement for the arriving visitors, broadcast the event in real time and gave an opportunity for attendees to contribute to the experience.

Why Microhire?

Microhire is leading the way in integrating digital media with events. We are full-service event specialists, including; event planning and implementation, audio visual services, stage and equipment hire.

Our aim is to create a big impact for your brand and effectively deliver your message. With our help, your next event will leave a lasting impression with your audience.

Talk to us today about how you can use social media at your next event.

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