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7 Key Tools and Skills for Creating Extraordinary Events in 2017

7 Key Tools and Skills for Creating Extraordinary Events in 2017
Here are seven key tools and skills that are driving events now and into the future.
21 December, 2016

The tools and skills to incorporate into your event in 2017

Event technology is constantly evolving. With each new year comes new innovations. New methodologies. And new ways of making events extraordinary.

That’s why at Microhire, we are continually refreshing and refining our event staging offering. So we can always provide the latest and greatest event industry technologies.

Here are seven tools and skills that were instrumental in driving events forward in 2016, and which are sure to deliver new and exciting experiences in 2017.

7. Audio Visual Technology

It’s not only the technology, it’s how you use it too.

Microhire combines the use of technical expertise with the latest audio visual to creating engaging, memorable and emotional events.

Our design approach is based on understanding your event objectives. From this, we develop a tailored production using our unique Show Intellect methodology.

Through combining specialist skills like:

  • Creative design
  • Technical production
  • 2D and 3D walkthroughs
  • Renders
  • CAD plans

As well as:

  • Cutting edge audio visual equipment
  • Specialist stage managers
  • Show callers
  • Skilled operators
  • Set-up and pack-down technicians

We are able to provide the resources, experience and expertise, which contribute to the delivery of a seamless, state-of-the-art and world class event.

Supplying a ‘total solution’ means not only having the technologies but effective systems as well. Industry best practice systems that are aligned, efficient and effective, tried and tested systems, refined through the delivery of thousands of events.

The best part of using an event staging company like Microhire is the peace of mind you can have, knowing your event objectives will be met through an unrivalled combination of technology, creative, production experience and expertise. A winning combination.

6. Technical Production Management

Microhire’s Production Management deals with decision-making related to the production processes on our customer’s events.

Production Management refers to the application of management principles to the production function of an event involving the application of planning, organising, directing and controlling the production process.

A key component of Microhire’s total event staging solution is providing one point of contact for all our customers’ needs from overarching project management to managing all contracted suppliers during the lead up and during an event.

We call this Show Intellect™.

Our Show Intellect methodology is a developed and refined process that provide a tailored solution to a customer’s brief, measures targets and milestones ensuring progress is achieved, costs are recognised and monitored, risks are identified and minimised or completely removed, resulting in a seamless world class event.

Our technical experts will produce an event schedule and runsheet that coordinates every task including set-up, rehearsals, technical check, show and pack-down enabling you to focus on what’s important to you and your guests.

5. Technical Direction

You only get once chance to get it right during a live event.

It takes years to truly understand how live events function and Microhire’s Technical Directors have experienced every event type. It’s this knowledge that gives you peace of mind.

Microhire’s Technical Directors are experienced in all facets of technical event design, project management, technical design, 2D walkthroughs, CAD drawings and schematics, supplier management, show calling and venue liaison.

We greatly value the input of our Technical Directors and believe that they should be involved from the initial event brief and design through to the debrief post event.

4. Video Production

Show … and tell!

Video is an extremely powerful and emotional tool that can be used to create impact during a live event.

We have seen audiences reduced to tears, laugh, applaud, yell and scream all through the use of an impactful and powerful video.

Video is powerful no matter how it is used. For an invitation, awards and recognition, training or that special presenter.

Video can also create a lasting memorable reminder of an event. A closing video highlighting social events is a great way to finish an event and leave an audience on a high.

3. Content Production

I dream my painting then I paint my dream.

Microhire can create dynamic multimedia content using the latest production techniques combined with the latest in technology.

The use of key messages, images, motion graphics can all be used to generate emotion and to connect with your audience.

A brilliantly produced video is one of the most powerful tools available to promote your brand or message and when integrated with the latest audio visual technology and showcraft you can control your audience’s emotions and importantly how they associate and remember your message and event.

Microhire can provide:

  • Branded graphic presentation slides
  • High impactful videos that motivate, excite, inspire and influence
  • Sponsors loops and communications
  • Theme content for digital sets, banners
  • Digital signage content using video, images and text
  • Digital posters and banners

2. Digital Signage

Microhire specialise in digital signage displays and have a number of innovative digital signage products suitable for almost any budget.

We can supply wireless LCD displays, touch screens, seamless LCD walls, 2mm and 5mm LED walls and assist you with the development of engaging content.

1. Digital Stage Sets

Why limit your content to what’s on screen?

Traditional stage sets and backdrops don’t have the ability to constantly engage your audience. Digital sets are perfect for bringing together powerful messaging and branding and throughout an event.

Microhire can design a digital stage set using LED technology, ‘live’ banners and widescreen technology.

Our content production process includes identifying your KPIs which commonly includes key messages, sponsor recognition and branding.

Once we understand these objectives, we use this as the hub for designing your digital content and provide advice on how to best communicate with your audience using a digital stage set.

Supplying a ‘total solution’ means not only having the technologies but effective systems as well.

About the author

At Microhire, we are your event staging specialists. Whether you’re planning a small conference or large scale gala dinner, we have the technology and expertise to get the job done right, every time.

Our event team are experienced in the production and seamless operation of exceptional events. They can help you to ensure that your next event is a truly remarkable one.

You can find out more about Microhire online or by calling 1300 667 095.

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