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6 budget-friendly Audio Visual products to ask your AV suppliers about

6 budget-friendly Audio Visual products to ask your AV suppliers about
Creating a memorable event doesn’t have to be expensive
28 November, 2016

Ask your AV suppliers about these products and save on your event

Event managers are regularly on the lookout for cost-effective ways of enhancing their events. That’s where budget-friendly AV technologies can be of assistance. They help event managers to create events that punch well above their budget.

Today, event staging companies can provide both traditional and innovative new AV rentals which energise events, without breaking the bank. They can provide AV rentals solutions which change things up and which avoid the traps of boring presentations.

Event managers can now use these cost-effective alternatives to create impact and to enhance their audience’s experience while also saving on their bottom line.

Below are six examples of AV technologies which are both impactful and budget-friendly.

6. Widescreen projection

Thanks to new internal functions, projectors are now able to be used for widescreen projection and edge blending (edge blending means combining multiple images to form one wide seamless image).

In the past, even the simplest blends required costly switchers and edge blending technology. This combined with content production costs meant that widescreen images were often too complicated and expensive for medium to smaller sized events.

Fortunately, with new AV rentals technology it is now more affordable and a lot easier to do.

Modern event staging companies can design a stage look using widescreen rather than two projectors and two screens. They can also assist you in creating the content too. This keeps your costs down.

5. Picture in Picture (PIP)

Picture in Picture has become cheaper over the years, and these days it is regularly affordable for use in live event environments. This is due to new camera, switching, and projection technology now offered by many AV suppliers.

Even basic modern switchers have the ability to deliver Picture in Picture. And, combined with the latest remote cameras, this means a cost-effective way of Picture in Picture generating show craft on screen.

This ability to mix content keeps your audience engaged and focused on key messages. It also helps to bring them closer to the action.

Event staging companies can provide both traditional and innovative new AV rentals which energise events, without breaking the bank.

4. Remote controlled cameras

A recent development that combines perfectly with Picture in Picture is the latest advancements in remote controlled cameras. Using ‘joggle sticks’, operators can now reprogram cameras on-the-fly and make live changes during events.

This reduces the need for cameramen while retaining much of the flexibility that cameramen provide.

Remote cameras can now be used to capture the same live images as cameramen, but at a significantly lower cost, as you do not need to employ as many cameramen.

Using remote controlled cameras, you can create a show-like presentation environment. They’re also ideal for projecting a mix of presenters, panels, audience vision, props, and displays.

3. 2mm LED panels

At Microhire, we are proud to be the only corporate event staging company in Australia to be able to supply 2mm LED panels as AV rentals from our own inventory.

In the past, many AV suppliers said that LED technology was best suited for larger public displays, as the LED panels needed to be set back from audiences due to the size of the pixels and image resolution.

However, with new 2mm LED panels, the 2mm pitch provides higher quality images which can be used in a variety of environments. This makes this new technology ideal for bright environments and use in almost any situation. Including in:

  • Custom exhibition stands
  • Digital signage
  • Public promotions
  • Event branding
  • Social media walls

2mm LED panels can also be used as an alternative to LCD and seamless technology when designing directional information and sponsorship branding.

Ask your AV suppliers about these products and save on your event.

2. Digital sets

Digital sets, also known as digital flats, create a great stage look. They’re also quite simple for AV suppliers and event staging companies to implement and this makes them very cost effective.

In their simplest form, all you need is a single projector and 3 – 6 flats on which to project. Not only this, but content can be designed using Microsoft Powerpoint slides, and this also helps to keep costs down.

The digital flats are generally 2.4m x 1.2m. They’re white, and they can be set directly on stage, or rigged from a truss or lighting bar. Once installed, you can project almost anything onto them.

They are perfect for:

  • Branding
  • Sponsor recognition
  • Reinforcement of key event messages
  • Background displays

And, due to the low cost of the content production for these AV rentals products, it is possible for us to design 3 to 4 ‘scenes’ that can be tied in with your theme.

1. Modular sets

Modular sets provide a great backdrop and a dynamic stage look for your presentation areas. Plus, because they’re modular, they are flexible and able to be used in most venues and event environments.

Inserts can be different colours or branded using decals. They can also be flat-packed for inexpensive freight and delivery. This makes them ideal for touring events or roadshows.

Some modular sets can even be used for projection mapping and 3D projection.

Thinking events? Think Microhire.

At Microhire, we are your event specialists. Whereas some AV suppliers only supply select components, we can provide you with a complete, end-to-end event solution.

With a range of services and AV rentals options to choose from, we can tailor for you a solution which matches your needs, event, and budget.

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