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Microhire gives Luna Park event spaces $100k AV makeover
Microhire gives Luna Park event spaces $100k AV makeover
We updated Luna Park's AV systems, from top to bottom
17 June, 2016

Microhire recently carried out over $100,000 worth of upgrades to Luna Park Sydney’s event spaces.

Our team performed a full overhaul of the venue’s audio-visual systems including within the Crystal Ballroom, the Ted Hopkins Room and the Sunset Room.

This upgrade was undertaken to ensure that Luna Park could continue to offer its clients the latest in audio-visual event technology. We began work in January and completed the project in February.

The new AV equipment is available for hire now.

State-of-the-art triple projection for the future

Sydney Harbour Bridge view

Our team coupled the new projectors with a fully digital HDBaseT high definition signal distribution system. This is to ensure that crisp, sharp images can be delivered, without signal loss, throughout the entire space.

Ensuring that the room’s spectacular views of Sydney Harbour were not obscured was of utmost importance. So, we made the new projection system completely retractable, with components disappearing into the roof lines.

This new triple projection, high definition setup gives event organisers the freedom to work with a number of different room orientations and stage positions.

Combined with the existing sound system and customised moving head lighting system, this upgrade gives corporate events at Luna Park a new visual vibrancy and complete audio-visual event solutions.

Installer insight: Luna Park event spaces

Being an amusement park on the edge of Sydney Harbour, there were several engineering challenges.

We had to overcome considerations regarding roof penetrations, while retaining the acoustic dampening properties of the venue’s ceiling.

Holding corporate events at Luna Park in the Crystal Palace while the Park is open to the public means the acoustic deadening is critical to the events inside.

Three new full HD LCD projectors installed

The second Luna Park events space we upgraded was the Ted Hopkins Room.

We installed three Panasonic VZ575NA full HD LCD projectors and 16:9 ratio screens. These small form factor projectors produce 4800 lumens at a native 1920×1200 resolution, for exceptionally clear viewing.

The two projectors and screens at one end of the room and single projector and screen at the other end give corporate events at Luna Park greater flexibility. Event organisers can use just one or both screens, providing flexibility with room orientation to suit various stage and audience sizes.

We can’t wait to see how event organisers will use this new technology to enhance their Luna Park events.

Why we use Panasonic projectors

Panasonic has proven to us over many years that they have the best value products for installations such as the Luna Park event spaces upgrade.

For example, their wide range of products means we can cater to the different requirements of each room that we upgraded.

For example, their wide range of products meant we can cater to the different requirements of each room that we upgraded. And, as we also stock Panasonic in our base operation, swapping projectors out for servicing becomes a simpler process too.

Customisation is also possible. In this instance, the three Panasonic projectors in the Crystal Ballroom were custom-painted white to blend into the neutral backdrop that the Crystal Ballroom is known for.

Stand-alone projector upgrade

Due to the room’s smaller size, we installed a single projector solution. This was deemed suitable and a good alternative for smaller-scale conferences and more budget-friendly corporate events at Luna Park.

The Panasonic 4800 lumen projector and screen are the same as those found in the Ted Hopkins Room. They produce the same 4800 lumens at a 1920×1200 resolution for exceptionally crisp viewing.

This was the last part of the Luna Park event space upgrade. With minimal disruption to event sales opportunities, all three rooms, the Crystal Ballroom, the Ted Hopkins Room and the Sunset Room were completed in a short timeframe. This result was achieved through careful planning and preparation.

We’re thrilled to announce these AV upgrades to three of our iconic venue spaces.

What Luna Park says about the project

Luna Park Venues’ General Manager of Sales, James Granter, said he was excited to announce the upgrade.

“We’re thrilled to announce these AV upgrades to three of our iconic venue spaces. Our events team tailor each of our events individually, so this investment will help us continue to deliver our award-winning customer service to a range of business, trade and consumer events.

“The new upgrades mean that we now offer our customers quick turn around between events, less time setting up and more floor plan flexibility, while still offering them the majestic views of Sydney Harbour that we are famous for.”

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