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Teleportivity: a friendlier and more efficient customer service platform

Your eConcierge is Ready to Guide the Way

One of the best aspects of real customer service is the personal interaction you get. A friendly face can reassure and guide you through a customer experience.

Teleportivity is a new way of engaging and servicing your customers. It enables event organisers and exhibitors to deliver authentic human interactions via an efficient digital platform.

Customers can engage with staff via a Teleportal chat station. These Teleportals are terminals with screens that facilitate a live video chat with a specialised operator. Teleportivity enables our experienced operators – or even your own specialist staff – to become an eConcierge and engage with customers remotely. There’s no need for staff to be at the same location as your customers.

  • Remote engagement between staff and customers
  • Instant customer service with the tap of a button
  • A customer service solution that doesn’t require floor staff
  • Engage multiple customers simultaneously
  • Fewer staff can cover a greater area
The Benefits of Using Teleportivity

When events take place in large spaces, crowds can make the experience overwhelming and impersonal. Teleportivity can improve the visitor experience by placing teleportals in key locations.

With ten different teleportals, it’s possible for two remote-based staff to provide assistance to customers in several locations. With a patented Jump Screen technology, a Teleportivity operator – known as a Teleporter – can follow a customer to a new location by transferring to another screen instantly.

  • Interactive teleportivity consoles provide a more personal customer interaction
  • Provide first-class customer service with less staff on the floor
  • Remote face-to-face service can be facilitated from anywhere
  • Cater for larger venues with anywhere from 1-200 teleportal consoles
  • Teleportivity provides more scalable and cost-effective customer service platform
  • An intuitive interface gives operators simple and seamless control
The Possibilities Are Endless

The applications of teleportivity can elevate a customer’s experience. Possible applications include:

  • Hotel lobby to assist with check in and check out.
  • Delegate assistance at your exhibition or event and communicate information, directions and general assistance.
  • Teleport specialised staff to an exhibition stand without the travel expenses.
  • Create a sponsored premium event space for “guest celebrities” to chat with VIP attendees.
  • Multi lingual capability by teleporting a translator to your event.
  • Multi company receptionist, where one operator can work for various companies remotely.
  • Brand activation – teleport your celebrity or influencer into multiple sites anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world.
  • Charity gala dinners – teleport or “bounce” your MC or celebrities around different tables, for a set charity fee time. Alternatively, auction teleport “time” with guest celebrities.
  • Retail sales– place a teleport station in multiple retail outlets and engage with customers remotely.
Real customer service for your next event.
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