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Know what your audience is thinking
Know what your audience is thinking
How technology is driving audience engagement at events
29 September, 2016

Technology is vital for delivering your message

Technology is becoming very influential in the future of the meetings business.

New international research released has identified a number of ‘Megatrends’ that will continue to shape the meeting and event industry. The Meetings and Conventions 2030: A study of megatrends shaping our industry report identified technology as the major trend that will continue to influence how the event industry develops.

In the study, more than 41.6% of respondents identified technology to be very influential in the future of the meetings business, with new forms of knowledge transfer set to influence all phases of event planning.

Audio Visual and technical event services are integral to positive event outcomes and to driving audience engagement at events. Meetings, conferences and events are all held to deliver a message to an audience, from educational sessions to award dinners and special events.

If you’re not effectively delivering your message to audiences at events, then you’re potentially not maximising the opportunity to achieve the best possible result from your event.

Technical services are a critical vehicle for delivering this message, combining the effective reproduction of digital content with the use of atmospheric technology to create an event experience for all attendees.

Event design has changed considerably. How you attract attention or advertise your event has changed. The use of social media and BYOD technology (bring your own device) allows you now to commence the process of engaging your prospective audience earlier, with greater reach and using different types of media.

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The importance of audience participation

Audience participation is becoming integral at most events.

Audience participation during an event is now an integral part of most events.

Allowing audiences at events to participate using their own devices gives you greater control over how you influence your guests and the ability to understand their thinking, what you want them to know, feel and do and enables them to participate in ways previously not achievable.

Polling, Q&A, web streaming globally, social media, digital signage and wireless systems all have powerful features that open up a whole range of concepts for audience participation. These technologies can enhance audience engagement at events while also reinforcing key event messaging.

When it comes to audience engagement at events and delivering a powerful message, there is no substitute for communicating in a live environment.

And if your audience can’t be there? These technologies can be used on a global scale increasing the reach of your message beyond just the audiences at events. Audiences can now ask questions, respond to polls from anywhere the internet is available. And in real time.

If you’re not effectively delivering your message to audiences at events, then you’re potentially wasting your time and event budget.

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