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Ideas, Services and Tips for Your Next Christmas Party
Ideas, Services and Tips for Your Next Christmas Party
Try These Creative Ideas, Services and Tips for Your Next Christmas Party
20 October, 2015

Plan a perfect Christmas event

Tis’ the season… where we tend to go a bit overboard! Extravagance is the name of the game, with big presents, big trees, and of course, big parties. However, when the spirit of Christmas hits, it can be easy to get bogged down in minute details and lose sight of the bigger picture.

As event specialists, we see this happen time and time again. That’s why we are here to help you formulate ideas, select the right services and products, and provide tips to get you through the festivities. For more information about how Microhire can help plan, design and implement your Christmas party, call the team on 1300 667 095 today.

Christmas party ideas

Christmas cocktails. Of course, Christmas is not just for kids. With this fact in mind, let’s introduce a Christmas party theme that has proved to be popular in the past: Christmas cocktails! The centre of this event theme revolves around unwinding and having some festive fun, as expert bartenders whip up classic cocktails with a Christmas twist. No wonder it’s called the ‘silly season’!

Colour wash & cocktails. Carrying on with the cocktail theme is another extremely popular Christmas idea: colour wash and cocktails. This theme shifts the focus of Christmas from the traditional red, green and white, and washes the audience in gradients of vibrant colours and lights. This is a dazzling theme for a truly unique December party.

Candle-elegance. Or, perhaps your prefer something more traditional… How about a Christmas by candlelight? This classic Christmas theme is perfect for a range of Christmas parties, from corporate functions to gala dinners. Complement the theme with seasonal colours, and decorations for a real Christmassy Christmas.

Essential Christmas party products and services

Event design. Have a long Christmas wish list? We can help (well, at least when it comes to event design!). With one of Australia’s largest centrepiece and line ranges, we can add that pop of seasonal colour to your event decorations. We know that sometimes all that is needed is a spectacular centrepiece to set your event apart. In other cases, you may need your event fully furnished, with décor, dining tables, chairs and ottomans in the latest designs and styles. Whatever your Christmas wish, just ask Microhire!

LED Lighting. We are big advocates of using well-designed lighting solutions to set your event apart. LED lighting is a perfect lighting solutions for Christmas events, being easy to manage and energy efficient. We can supply LED lighting in a wide range of styles and colours to compliment your chosen Christmas theme and design.

Christmas party planning tips

With the merriment of the season in full swing, it and be easy to let the spirit of Christmas take over and cloud or rational, event-planning instincts.

Our Christmas event-planning advice? Here it is:

Don’t go overboard (be realistic)!

Remember to focus on the important parts of your event (that includes your budget!). Work out what is going to give you your best ‘bang’ for your buck and what is appropriate for your event, then stick with those decisions. There is no point spending a fortune on intricate Christmas ornaments, if they will end up broken and stolen. There are always plenty of options that will maximise the ‘wow’ factor, without breaking the bank (just ask us how!).

Lock-in the theme last

Got your heart set on the perfect Christmas event theme? Our advice is to hold off on the theme until other parts of your event have been finalised. These important parts include event numbers, event organisers, suppliers and of course, the venue. Sure, you can aim to have a theme, but always have a Plan B. Otherwise, if plans change, your chosen theme may seem like an odd choice! For example, your ‘White Christmas’ may look very out of place if the décor and colour does not match!

Pick the right venue

Which brings us to venues. You need to pick out a venue that suits your requirements, including your budget, numbers and decorations. For example, if you are doing a stand up event, it’s best to find a venue with a high ceiling so you can get décor items up high… otherwise, they may be hidden by those kids from the social media department who insist on dancing the night away (you know the ones)!

We can help deliver a perfect Christmas event

Working with Microhire, we can make your Christmas event go off without a hitch. Our industry leading experience, relationships and event hire inventory means that we can help design, plan and implement your Christmas event.

For more information about Microhire and our services, contact the team on 1300 667 095 today.

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