Event Staging Sydney

Event Staging Sydney

Set the stage for something spectacular
  • Microhire is Sydney’s premier event staging company with over 30 years of experience
  • We work with clients to create memorable events that combine creativity and technology
  • We develop solutions that inspire your audience, based on your budgets and vision
  • We have a dedicated team of 200+ event experts available to help your event come alive

Staging is the heart of every good event. The stage is the soapbox upon which you present your brand, your products, or your cause. The stage is the prime focus of the event, and just like the theatre, setting the stage requires a significant investment of time and effort.

At Microhire, we look at all aspects of your event and, using our experience and industry leading skills, design event staging that perfectly fits within your budget and goals.

You can do better than a lectern and PowerPoint presentation. Your event is for a modern audience, and modern audiences require full audiovisual experiences. This allows you to bring your brand to life on the main stage.

If you’re looking for custom event staging in Sydney, consider a combination of:

  • Detailed modular sets
  • LED walls
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Wide screen projection blend
  • Projection mapping
  • Special effects

If you’re hosting a charity event, gala dinner, exhibition, trade show, concert, or conference, Microhire can develop a memorable staging solution for any venue in Sydney.

It’s time to put your cause at centre stage. If you’re after event staging in Sydney, Microhire can provide you with a cutting edge solution to make your event come alive.

How we bring brands to life

Part of holding a successful event is keeping your audience engaged at all times. With phones, networking, and multimedia displays, there is so much competing for mental bandwidth at a given time. It’s up to you to create a central event stage that captivates and excites.

At Microhire, we create the perfect event staging environment using vibrant colour, furniture and panels, and engaging lighting a special effects displays to make your brand come alive. These solutions can be completely custom made for your event.

Sometimes, we know that understated is the key. If you require something simple but resonating, our team can help you strip it back to the bare essentials. We will always work with you to create a solution that aligns with your brief and budget.

Our experience in event staging in Sydney

Microhire has over 30 years experience in event staging in Sydney. We have created some spectacular events, conferences, and concerts for our clients.

Have a look at some of our epic past events in Sydney:

Why choose Microhire for event staging in Sydney?
  • Our comprehensive service allows us to form partnerships with our clients to achieve event staging that is more personalised and effective.
  • We have a hand in staging over 7,000 entirely unique events each year, all over the world.
  • Our team have over 30 years’ experience designing and developing events for all different kinds of clients and audiences.
  • We have 200 staff members available to help make your event special, resonating, and most importantly, memorable.
Let your event take centre stage. Contact Microhire for event staging in Sydney.
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