Body Temperature Thermal Cameras

Body Temperature Thermal Cameras

The coronavirus outbreak at the end of 2019 has brought great challenges to all walks of life. With Australians now returning to work, the prevention and control of new coronavirus outbreaks across the country has entered a critical period.

But how do we safely, quickly and efficiently implement the temperature detection of your staff and event guests? Microhires new AI Body Temperature Thermal Imaging solutions are the answer.

Combining AI image recognition technology and thermal imaging technology, a non-contact, high-precision, efficient and safe AI thermal imaging body temperature screening solution was launched. Options are available for single detection cameras, ideal for a secure or focused entry points, right up to high-volume cameras capable of detecting multiple people in real time.

TC2020 Thermal Camera

TC2020 is an intelligent camera that uses thermal imaging technology and network processing system to perform high-speed temperature measurement, screening, recording and real-time surveillance video. It is a complete epidemic prevention solution integrating body temperature screening and pre-warning monitoring.

TC2020 specifications

FRS2020 Thermal Camera

Temperature measurement with face recognition and access management module, using RK3288 / RK3399 / MSM8953 high-performance hardware platform, equipped with industrial binocular camera and face biometric technology, and infrared human body measurement Temperature module, and supports a variety of peripheral expansions such as ID card readers, fingerprint readers, etc., which can be applied to gate channels and access control tests to achieve safe and efficient personnel access control.

FRS2020 specifications

MCTC2020 Thermal Camera

Temperature measurement with face recognition and access management module. Designed for larger crowds, this unit is able to scan up to 30 faces per second. Designed on a powerful cloud SAAS big data platform, this model offers real-time remote viewing, early warning, reporting and monitoring of data.

MCTC2020 specifications

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