LCD Monitors

22inch (55cm) Widescreen LCD AV Monitor

Take advantage of professional-grade desktop display benefits without breaking your budget.

Asus VX222U 22inch (55cm) Widescreen PC LCD Monitor

Delivering impeccable picture quality in crisp, vibrant colour and great a great widescreen aspect. Get the most out of your games, movies and applications!

Dell UltraSharp 24″ Monitor

Experience astounding color accuracy, precision and performance with a Dell UltraSharp.

HP L1706 17inch (43cm) LCD PC Monitor

The HP L1706 Flat Panel Monitor delivers high resolutions and business-class quality in a 17-inch flat panel monitor at a highly competitive price.

Samsung 2243BW 22inch (55cm) Widescreen LCD Monitor

Complete with Microsoft Vista Premium certification, the 2243BW is ideal for demanding users. Slim bezel with high black finish, the slim design gives you plenty of room for all your computer applications and multiple images.

Samsung 940MW 19inch (48cm) LCD AV Monitor

Get the ultimate in multifunction monitors with the Samsung SyncMaster 940MW. The 940MW is a 19″ LCD display that delivers HDTV functionality with a built-in TV tuner. Get bright, vivid pictures with a 1440 x 900 WXGA+ widescreen resolution.

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