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Christmas Fiesta Fun

Brisbane Advertising Association’s annual Christmas Lunch is a key event in the calendars of its members and guests. It’s an event that is known for being fun and vibrant, and definitely not one to be missed! The key in 2018 was to mix the concept up a little, while keeping the lunch fresh and fun. The theme was “Christmas Fiesta” so think vibrant and colourful, all with a Mexican twist!

The vision component of the lunch is integral, and we needed to design a concept that was not only unique and “mixing things up”, but also ensuring that the recognition of the sponsors was front and centre to all guests in the room. Microhire worked with Brisbane Advertising Association to create a concept that involved moving from traditional vinyl sponsor banners to digital projected banners, as well as multiple projection screens in the room to ensure all guests had a visual. The concept also involved carrying the projection through to the pre drinks space.
Keeping with their own brief of mixing up the concept, Brisbane Advertising Association moved to a different form of entertainment for their 2018 event in a big way.

They engaged Australia’s current number 1 RNB DJ to entertain their guests! This meant that the lighting design was more integral than ever, needing to complement not only the visual component in the room, but of course the stage and dancefloor. Tables were set around a long rectangular dancefloor through the centre of the room. Using flown intelligent moving lights, we created a beamed tunnel and sweeping effect, shooting lighting beams down to line either side of the dancefloor. Intelligent moving lights were also used to shoot client gobos
on the side walls, and create colour and patterns on the walls, really adding to the theme.

The stage was not forgotten with intelligent moving lights placed along the back of the stage, creating beamed effects shooting out into the audience. The use of a soft haze in the room highlighted the lighting beams.

Considering the high profile entertainment, Microhire designed a draped entry onto stage that concealed the artist while they waited back of  house. This created a real wow moment for the DJ’s entry on stage. To add drama, LED strip lights installed on truss uprights backlit the DJ as he
walked on stage. The LED strip lights had a blinder effect which created a silhouette of the DJ as he stood in front, before making his way onto stage to get the party started!
With high profile entertainment, and key sponsor videos to play, the audio component was carefully considered. Microhire ensured there was full and even audio coverage in the room, also taking into account the separated pre drinks space that needed accommodating with no delays.

And remembering the brief read vibrant and fun, this translates to loud, sharp and clear when it comes to audio! A surround sound effect was created to ensure guests really felt engaged with the sponsor videos.

And just like that, another year has passed and now the fun begins to create a design for 2019!

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