AHRI Congress Gala Dinner

A night on broadway!


Microhire was approached by the Australian Human Resources Institute to produce a spectacular gala dinner for their National Convention & Exhibition. The theme was ‘A Night on Broadway’.


The staging needed to be versatile so that it worked as both a presentation space and a theatre show for the entertainment acts. In order to achieve this, the aesthetic and feeling of the stage needed to be able to transform instantly.

With such a large event space, the stage needed to have a significant presence in the room in order engage the audience and command attention. To accomplish this, the stage itself was in two parts: the main stage and a smaller ‘solo stage’ which was central in the audience space. The two stages were connected by a runway which allowed the entertainment to be as close to the audience as possible and give a sense of anticipation.


Microhire used a ‘live billboard’ that was comprised of three large LED screens as the focal point of the multimedia content on the night, as well as two large projector screens on either side. Multimedia content on the night included presentations, videos, holding and title slides, as well as ‘live to screen’ video from two roving cameras.

Microhire Technical Director, Adam Gibbs, managed and designed the visual component of the event and used the Ascender vision mixer for live video mixing. This allowed us to program the content and gave us the ability to live mix the camera feeds with with the evenings formal proceedings.

Dynamic lighting was used as a way to subtly change the tone of the event for the presentations and entertainment acts. This was done with an elevated, angled lighting rig that sloped down towards the rear of the stage, giving the stage a sense of impressive depth and space.

We composed over three hours of dynamic lighting programs that were designed to match and enhance the different scenes throughout the night. This was done and controlled on the night using our GrandMA lighting console and over 100 intelligent lighting fixtures.


“The event was a total success and people were raving about it the next day at the Congress. Evoke nailed the design and Microhire’s technical production was five star. They listened to our brief and designed an event which realised our objectives using the latest design & showcraft techniques and some very impressive cutting edge technology.”

– Kryshla Salaris, Manager Events & Social Media

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