2016 Annual Meeting


Microhire was contracted to supply event staging services and technology for one of the largest single day events with 1700 mainland Chinese arriving in Melbourne to participate in an ‘Amazing Race’ styled presentation.


To design and execute the event required an experienced team with an understanding of large live events. Importantly when producing a corporate show environment in exhibition bays our production design had to consider all contingencies and risks. Not only was the structure for the event large, it was increased to cover the multi faceted approach that spanned from a presentation conference through to a dynamic talent show.


The vision brief was quite specific incorporating a central floor mounted LED wall and four projectors and screens. The key feature of the main stage design was a 14x6m, five millimetre pitch LED screen consisting of over 390 LED panels. Flanking the stage was an additional two pairs of delay screens using our new 20k Panasonic projectors.

Signal flow and the mixing of screen content we designed a state-of-the-art Riedel broadcast quality
system that enabled us to reduce risk and to transition between sources faster and easier allowing for a television style overlay of names, and facts and content changes at the touch of a button.

Our Analogue Way Ascender to ‘blend’ the content to the LED screen, LCD Lectern and the four separate presenter foldback monitors with a second Ascender vision mixer would to control and send signal directly to the four presentation screens.

Our newest line of Mac Show Machines were used for screen content, backgrounds & videos and two presentation computers for show & backup.

Then throw in a dedicated vision mixer for the three camera mix for live mixing and individual HD recording of all plenary sessions you are closer to ‘Eurovision’ than a conference.


Extend the dynamic stage look into the delegate seating was the requirement from the client. Over 230 intelligent and static lights created a look not only on the stage but throughout the exhibition bays. Our Lighting Director choreographed and mapped individual looks for each of the 25 performances as well as dynamic conference lighting tied into the presentations and video playback.


For audio we used a high-end audio system designed for the event space, audience size, presenters and various entertainers. The PA also needed to include delay and front fill components and speakers on stage, as question foldback for presenters.


The key features of the design were the stage, vision and lighting. With such a large LED screen and over two hundred and thirty lights loading and truss weights needed to be assessed and all contingencies planned for and considered. Our rigging assessment of the initial conceptual drawings highlighted a potential issue and as a result we determined we needed to reduce the weight on the MEC floor and roof structure, specifically around the stage, to ensure that we had a design that we could safely execute.

Staging Elements

It was never going to be just a conference, but this was the most important part, though the 200+ performers would say the talent show was the focus. From VIP seating and overall stage management, through to exacting carpet colour selection to match the company’s logo, and large permanent signage rigged high in the air above the LED screen were all part of the brief, we even went as far as to supply the make-up and hair team for the duration of the event.

Over 100 staff worked on this event with a build lasting 15 hours, with over 8 tonnes of steel and equipment and working with interpreters and a team of 20 from the end client to create this one off spectacular.

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