Touch Screens

For Engagement You Can Feel.


What makes a memorable event? Turning guests into participants.

And at Microhire, we have the technology to do just that.

Engage them from the second they arrive. Or deliver mind-blowing presentations. All this and more is possible with our touch screen hire technology.

From clickable event floor plans, to adventurous interactive graphics, we’ve helped countless clients connect with their guests. In fact, since 1987 we’ve supplied market-leading hire technology to innumerable trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, annual general meetings and more. Our state-of-the-art hire equipment suite is amongst the largest in Australia.

And our flexibility is as unrivalled as our expertise and experience…

For Touch Screen Hire in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Gold Coast, Call 1300 667 095


Customisable Hire Packages Puts Flexibility at Your Fingertips.


Where the latest touch screen technology’s concerned, our competition can’t lay a finger on us. And the same goes for favourable hire terms.

You can rent one touch screen, or rent one dozen. You can rent them for a day, or a year, or anywhere in between. There are no lock-in contracts and no minimum or maximum terms.

And you can combine any of our rental items or technical production services into a single tailored package.

Need a graphic design or app creation package for your touch screens? Or a programmed light show for an even more immersive experience? We can offer a single point of contact for all your event’s equipment and technical needs. So you can rest easy knowing your whole event’s in capable hands.

Whichever items or service you opt for, all the support you’ll ever need will be just a phone call away.

So if you want to reach out to your event’s guests, get in touch.

Call 1300 667 095


Touch Screen Rental FAQs


Q. Can I pair touch screen hire with other types of visual displays?

A. Yes. We can supply additional LCD or LED displays to mirror the touch screen for a larger audience to experience. We can also supply computers to drive the touch screen presentation.


Q. If there are bright lights, will people still be able to see what’s onscreen?

A. This is an interesting question. Bright, localised lighting can impact the performance of a touch screen as it works to pinpoint the user’s finger on-screen. However, with the right guidance from our experienced staff, the environment can be controlled to produce trouble-free operation.


Q. With guests constantly touching the screens, what happens if one breaks?

A. While our touch screens are high quality and durable, one of the major benefits of hiring is the capacity to replace damaged or faulty equipment as soon as it occurs – no need for you to frantically source and unnecessarily spend money on replacement stock.

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