LED Walls

Big ideas? You’ll need a bigger screen

High capacity events present their own set of unique challenges. How can you generate anticipation, focus attention and immerse your guests in large venue spaces? At Microhire, we have a solution.

LED walls are an effective and flexible visual solution ideal for large scale events. Customisable sizes and expandable configurations make them perfect over long viewing distances and in high ambient light settings. When visuals are central to your large-scale event’s experience, an LED wall will provide a great result.


Big Screen. Big Impact.

LED walls can be big. Really big. They are comprised of a modular system of individual panels, each half a metre square. When combined, these panels can be used to create a large video display that is ideal for high ambient light environments.

The size and versatility of LED walls make them ideal for events which require visuals to be seen over long distances and cover wide areas. LED walls are superior to projection technology in large and bright event spaces as they are not affected by ambient light in the same way as projection.

Get Creative

Due to their modular design, LED walls can be highly flexible in the hands of the right event staging supplier. In addition to building a large video display, LED panels can be split up and used in columns or patterns as a digital stage set at a conference, or a unique feature on a custom-built exhibition stand.

LED panels can frame a stage as a digital proscenium arch, or display sponsor and event branding in a number of configurable ways. Microhire’s uniquely designed LED panels can even be used to create curved or circular displays – both concave and convex.

Imagine a full-circle digital banner hanging over a feature area or focal point at your event, or a live display built on the ground that snakes around the entrance of your venue. Microhire’s creative and flexible LED walls can transform your event into an immersive and unique visual experience for your entire audience.

Event Technology Products and Concepts from Microhire

Microhire offers complete event technology services for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches and much more.

Combine an LED wall with Microhire’s audio, lighting and staging services to ensure your next corporate event stands out.

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