LED Walls


Take advantage of environmentally friendly, high output LED panels to add impact to your event calender. LED panels offer the versatility that makes them a perfect option to add some pizzazz and visual excitement to stage sets and backdrops as well as being an impressive high brightness display product in their own right.

Microhire stocks high end LED panels and lighting products in dot pitch and prices to suit any event concept and budget.

The modular nature of our event LED panel range means that they can be readily integrated and scaled to suit almost any application. From stage backdrops, to video effect chandeliers and large scale video walls, Microhire’s innovative approach to panel mounting and rigging turns the LED panel technology into an eye catching, high impact display. Ultra-fine 5mm video panels to look-through effect panels – bring events to life with the latest LED panel technology, our expertise and a little Microhire magic.

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