Theatre, Concert, Disco, Marquee & Stage Lighting

At a recent event at Sydney’s spectacular Luna Park, Microhire embraced the lighting hire challenge of turning its inventory of, stage lighting, LED lighting, theatre lighting, as well as intelligent lights and disco lighting and effects lighting products to ease guests from day into night at the annual EEAA Awards for Excellence in the Crystal Palace Grand Ballroom.

Unlike many lighting challenges that have the benefit of a controlled ambient light environment Microhire’s lighting specialists took full advantage of the setting sun over the harbour to complement a specially chosen dynamic colour palette that used traditional incandescent stage lighting, theatre lighting and concert lighting fixtures combined with intelligent lighting and LED lighting fixtures to cool the display as the sun set, transitioning the audience from day to evening.

Warm hues gave way to edgier modern tones as darkness fell and the LED lighting fixtures colour changing ability were put to good use to support colour wash lighting and stage lighting. Theatre lighting and stage lighting fixtures were used to accentuate focal points and presenters which gave way to disco lighting and LED lighting effects as the formalities flowed into a party time lighting spectacular.