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Rent Conference or AGM audio visual Equipments From Microhire

Microhire stocks the largest and latest range of conference equipments for rental for AGM audio visual requirements, conferences and seminars. Specialists in projection hire and all conference equipment, Microhire offers tailored solutions for conferences, AGM audio visual whether they are large and small.
As part of its ongoing commitment to building its range of projection hire and AGM audio visual equipment hire, Microhire today confirmed it will continue to develop its speakers preparation network equipment range in consultation with software development partners.

“ …ongoing development recognises there is more to delivering a successful conference, meeting or AGM audio visual than projection hire, conference equipment and conference audiovisual. Microhire continues to support registration and speaker presentation management at conferences, meetings and AGM with tailored management software and network solutions supported by the latest AGM audio visual, conference equipment and projection hire solutions.”

“Our clients’ conference, AGM and meetings requirements grow evermore sophisticated and, as they do Microhire’s conference audio visual equipment fleet is continually developed to support those needs. This latest focus on data management at conferences and AGM’s will support our audio visual and projection hire fleet as we better integrate into the systems of our clients and better support quality outcomes for their delegates.”