On one of the most auspicious calendar dates in modern history, Wednesday evening saw Melbourne Park Function Centre hosting ‘12.12.12’ . The VIP event, managed by the precinct’s Corporate Events & Hospitality team, showcased the venue’s dynamic capabilities.

The evening itself was rather unique, providing the opportunity for guests to experience the Function Centre as it has never been seen before. With the Mayan prophecy looming large, the great pillarless space was cleverly themed by Microhire’s Creative Director, Michael Davey, was in three parts; heaven, hell, and in between what might have been a transitional state of purgatory! Each section of the room was revealed to rapturous applause, with guests finally relaxing into Melbourne’s most elegant lounges, upon their arrival back to Earth.

Of course for events industry invitees enjoying the high-level food & beverage package and VIP experience, it was heaven all the way. The 250 guests were welcomed by a harpist and violins, plied with oysters freshly flown in from around Australia and served sparkling wine by agile aerialists dressed in Swarovski crystals especially commissioned for the night. It was a definitely a case of ‘but wait theres more’ with the final room reveal of a 20 metre long cooking station, covered with delicacies from around the world that tied into the animation on the wide screen. “We wanted to showcase the venue, the food and the chefs, they are our stars, along with showing the industry that the Function Centre is a one of a kind space, perfect for every type of event” commented Cathy Ashston, Business Manager, Corporate Events and Hospitality.

Microhire as the Platinum event partner left no stone unturned to create an amazing night for the guests, “….. the best food I have ever tasted from Delware North, custom animation was created for the large format projection and amazing choreographed aerialists routines, not to forget three separate sound and lighting systems with their own dedicated technical to create each of the different looks. At Microhire we like to put on a good show” said Michael, after the event.

Microhire is the in-house event partner for Function Centre at MOPT, and 12.12.12 was a true partnership in every sense of the word! Its a shame there is no 13.13.13, or would that just be chancing it?