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Microhire Theatrical Lighting services provides the best possible lighting solutions to its customers for all occasions. Whether its a small wedding or a big corporate annual event, we deliver the best of brands to add the wow element to those moments. Call Microhire today and talk to our lighting specialists to choose the best value for your money.

  • 1000Wt Fresnel

    The 1000Wt Fresnel follows extensive research, great design and feedback from lighting professionals all over the world, combining all aspects of advance technology and can be operated both manually and automatically.

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  • 1000wt Profile

    The 1000wt profile fixed beam range offers the simplicity of this type of luminaire but with the added Selecon touch of colour-coded, interchangeable lenses with your choice of output, life and colour temperature lamps. This is the pioneer of the world's widest 90° beam angle.

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  • 650wt Fresnel

    The 650W Fresnel is ideal to use where compact, light weight Fresnel spotlights are required. These Fresnels are the perfect solution in small studios where grid height is a problem. Despite of its smaller size, short focal length lenses with wider angles will give you more light output and better distribution over the full beam area.

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  • Par 16

    PAR 16 Long Can in silver polished cover that features a long silicone cable with insulated Australian plug. This product is perfect for places where mounting of low voltage transformers is not possible or for rental customers looking for easy to use PAR16 Cans.

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  • Par 56

    PAR-56 is the industry standard par can. Commonly used on stage, in clubs, on television and movie stages and just about anywhere you need artificial light. These par cans feature high temperature resistant input cable and a heat proof ceramic base lamp holder for extreme durability and long life.

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  • Par 64

    The PAR64 is one of the most common and useful lighting fixtures used today, for stage, studio and entertainment lighting applications. The fixture is lightweight and simple in design and construction. It is economical to manufacture and easier to maintain.

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