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With 25+ years at the top of the event lighting hire industry, Microhire has the experience and skill to transform your vision into reality.

Backed by Australia’s largest hire equipment inventory, we can supply static and programmable LEDs in any colour or style you can imagine. Just ask any of the clients whose exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, awards nights, gala dinners and product launches we’ve lit up since 1987; our intelligent LED solutions will provide the colour to make your event a masterpiece.

And our hire range is as energy efficient as it is expansive. What does that mean for you? It means minimal running costs, which equals money back in your pocket. It means an environmental impact that’s low, and a visual impact that’s anything but.

Smarter, Flexible Hire Packages for Brighter Results.


Microhire’s flexible hire packages mean the only terms you need to consider are your own. From a single LED fixture, to a fully programmed light show, we’ll provide a tailored package to make any event shine.

And our national fleet of vehicles means we can provide you with fast, efficient delivery across all our city locations.

Just tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver. On budget. On time. Every time.

Time to flick the switch on your event? Call Microhire. We’ll turn on the lights that make your event go off.

For LED lighting hire in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Gold Coast, call 1300 667 095


  • 1000mm LED Flow Tube

    • 144 x 5mm LED's
    • Full range dimming on Red, Green and Blue LED's for full colour Up to 16 Individual Controllable Pixels
    • DMX
    • 5 Pin
    • 6, 12, 24, 48 Channels
    • 1000 x 50 x 75mm
    • 1.2kg

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  • 1000mm LED Tri Color Strip

    • 20 x 3W "3-In-1" LED's
    • Full range dimming levels of Red, Green, and Blue within LED's for full colour mixing
    • 3W "3-In-1" LED's allow for a mixing without the normal chromatic shadowing, Silent fanless technology, Floor standing feet included, Flicker free operation, Individual controllable pixels
    • DMX, Auto Mode, Audio
    • Static Colour selection via digital LCD menu system
    • 3 and 5 Pin
    • 3, 15, 30 or 60 Channels
    • 10° Optics
    • 1100 x 350 x 240mm
    • 16kg

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  • LED Honey Comb 72

    • 72 x High Powered 1 Watt LED's
    • Full range dimming on Red, Green and Blue LED's for full colour mixing, IP Rated for outdoor use, 4 individual controllable segments
    • DMX, Auto Mode, Audio, Static Colour Selection via digital menu system 5 Pin
    • 6 / 13 Channels
    • 25° Optics
    • 681 x 178 x 110mm (inc. yoke)
    • 7kg

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  • LED Par 56

    • 153 LEDs (51 Red, 51 Green, 51 Blue)
    • 6 DMX Channels

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  • LED Par 64

    • 168 x 10mm LED's
    • Full range dimming on Red, Green and Blue LED's for full colour mixing
    • DMX, Auto Mode
    • 3 Pin
    • 4 Channels
    • 25° Optics
    • 225 x 225 x 325mm
    • 1.6kg

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Q. Can I pair LEDs with other types of lighting?
A. Yes. LED lighting can be one part of a larger event lighting solution that includes spotlighting, stage wash, and more.

Q. What’s better for an outdoor event – LED or traditional lighting?
A. The key to outdoor lighting is ensuring the lighting fixtures are designed for outdoor use, providing an outcome that is safe as well as effective.

Q. Do you offer portable LED light systems?
A. Yes. You can hire a single LED PAR if it meets your needs, or any number or combination of LED lights as required.

Q. What are the main benefits of LED lighting?
A. LED lighting is cool to the touch, making LED fixtures much safer, especially in a busy event environment. They also draw far less power than traditional lighting fixtures, meaning you can fit up to ten times more lights on one standard power outlet.

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