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      Entry Level Desktop Computer Hire

      Designed for long-term, networked deployment within medium and large organizations in commercial business, finance and public sector industries. Hire this computer if you need a general work machine for staff or for tasks like data input

    • desktop computer rental

      Mid Range Desktop Computer Hire

      Hire this computer it is ideal for short to medium deployments, events, conferences, exhibitions. It Also functions perfectly in an everyday office environment for work overload staff..

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      MSI 22” Multitouch All-In-One PC

      Microhire presents our new range of 22” MSi all-in-one Touchscreens. With i3 processors and plenty of RAM these units are ideal for standalone touchscreens or a funky looking Windows based all in one desktop unit. The touchscreen is a joy to use! Download Dimensions Chart PDF
      Download Flyer PDF

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      Workstation Desktop Computer Hire

      Our high-end workstations are showcases for the latest technology. Best suited for engineers, designers, and analysis experts, these workstations have an abundance of ports and expansion slots which allow them to be customized to one's precise needs. Newest in our line is the HP Z800 Workstation, which offers 12 cores of processing power in a revolutionary new industrial design.


PC Desktop Computer Rental

Our desktop rental systems come standard with a keyboard, mouse and monitor of your choice.  Individual systems and components can be upgraded upon request.  Customized software images can be created and deployed by our technical department.

We rent, sell and lease Dell, HP and Lenovo professional desktops, workstations and servers.

Microhire have a rich history of providing a quality computer hire service to corporate Australia. Microhire can provide the latest desktop computers to hire for training rooms, exhibitions, conferences, speakers prep rooms, or just to cover work overloads or temporary staff requirements. The computers available for hire are leading brands such as HP and IBM. PC hire options are from a basic entry level hire computer to a high end video rendering capable computers. Call and speak to a qualified Microhire computer rental specialist.

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